30 September 2009

Black Heels, Skate Boards, and Goofy Girl

Andy McDonald made up a skate trick, Nollie Heelflip Vanal Body Varial Slob Air.
But he called it a Salad Shooter.

Tony Hawk did the first Fakie Grabbing Mute.
But he just called it a 720.

On a skateboard, one stance over another is called footedness.

My daughter's stance is right foot forward, so she's goofy footed.

Besides all the high heels she's worn that belonged to her sisters,these were her very first, her very own, high heels. We bought them for her to wear to a dance at school.  As you can see, they are black and very shiny.  The toes are pointy.
She looks fabulous in them!  The sales clerk at the store where we bought them told her that she should "wear them in" before she "wore them out".

So when I went outside to call her to dinner, this is what I saw.  She's a very practical girl.  She's very literal too.

This goofy footed girl was "wearing in" her new, black, shiny, pointy, high heels
before she "wore them out".  She was multitasking. Making the most of her time.
 I told you she was practical.
And lilteral.  So we like to call this move, Black Shiny Pointy Goofy Girl!

Andy - Tony - You got nothin' on us!




mimiomimi said...

just love your new blog! Its so fun to see how things are going with the remodel, the funny kids stuff and the poignant -sniff, sniff doggy stuff. I am actually quite surprised the folks at one of Bella,s local restaurants didn't offer to keep her for the duration, I'm sure they will miss her almost as much as you!! Sorry I couldn't rmemeber the Lassie theme, but I did hum "How much is that doggie in the window?" and it worked pretty well. Later and love, Beck

Brandi said...

Such a cute post. Your daughter looks adorable in those heels (super awesome) on the skateboard. She's more daring than I am, for sure!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Meg said...

LOL...your daughter totally reminds me of my youngest daughter -- a free spirit with a love for adventure! Have a great day and "Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!"

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

OH honey! Your daughter is my kinda girl!!!!! I love that these were her first pair of heels! I wish I could remember the day I got my first pair...I have a love/hate relationship with heels though! LOL..pretty but painful

Jenny said...

Oh, she is lovely...and quirky. And you should be sooo proud. Tell her I think she is really cool!

Anita said...

Love this post! Your daughter is lovely. My 12 year old son would be so impressed, skateboarding in heels!
I have 16 year old twin girls, teens are so fun, full of drama and exploration, and some tears, but mostly all good.
Stopping by from WOW, late for your BON day.