23 September 2009

Castles In The Sand (The Remodel)

Well, finally, here it is.  Posts of the remodel of our little cottage.
I want to share with you, a few pictures, and the latest news on the remodel of our little cottage with big dreams.

It started in the back yard when several big, burly, men came and decended on the cottage.
They tore out the deck with pic axes.
I won't bore you with all the hundreds of pix I've taken, suffice it to say, it was violent  effective!
We still hadn't moved out at the time, so we got a lot of dirt up our noses.  My ears are still ringing
with the sound of jack-hammers.

You won't see sights like this in my yard for a while.

Remember my family room?  I do, but sans windows, this view to the East is even clearer now, don't you think?

This is Cooper's room.  Brother, are you in there?  It's so sad.  They continue to look for him
5 weeks after he's left for college.

No more sink dishes!

Watch yourself there pup.  That last step's a doozie!

Well, as you can see, it's a grand adventure.  We have moved temporarily,  a couple of blocks away for now so, we don't get as much dirt up our noses anymore. I will continue to take pictures every day,
and blog a bit so you can see the cottage turn in to our dream for it.  Hope you vicariously
enjoyed.  I'll be back soon.  Love you more than all the wood we had them haul away to
reclaim and reuse so somebody else could have a new house.

This is my new motto.  This kind of says it all for now.



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shani z said...

not only are you a blogger-
but the best kind...
funny with lots of pictures!
and the writing is not too big at all.
just right!