17 March 2010

I Love You More Than...

Erin Go Bragh!
"Ireland Until Eternity

A hundred thousand welcomes to you!

These things were all handed down to me.  Well, not the shamrocks. I have 16 of these sweet embroidered napkins but with most of the kids gone, we'll only be using 4 of them tonight.  This will be the smallest St Patrick's Day celebration we've ever had.  But, a celebration none the less!

In honor of St Paddy's day, I want to share with you, something that I got for my birthday last month. Birthday's are a cause for celebration but when you're older than dirt, and especially it seems for me, on birthdays that end in 5 or begin a new decade, I feel the need to take inventory of my life.  Then I get all morose and worried and introspective.  Well, and take my word for it, that is just annoying for everyone.  

Then the most amazing little thing can happen that changes the course of the day and turns it back into a celebration again.  Something to remind you of the precious life you've been given, the things you love. The following was a gift from my eldest son, to me, for my birthday.  There hasn't been a day since he wrote it that I haven't read it.  And it brings happy tears of love to my eyes every time. 

We started a tradition in our family when it was young.  It's called, "I love you more than".  When we say how much we love each other, we say, I love you more than...and then we say things like, "I love you more than all the Shamrock's in Ireland," or some such endearment. 

Today and every day is a day to be happy to be alive no matter who you are, where you are, or what your situation.  Just because you are.  Because of that, and because we're celebrating the Irish today,  I leave you with one of the greatest blessings I have in my life.  A love note from my son to me for my birthday.  Children certainly are, a heritage of the Lord!
I simply can't imagine a world without you.  So today as you complete your 55th trip around the sun, I give you 55 reasons I love you, mom...

1    Your penchant for cozy socks
2    Your sense of humor
3    You passed down to me your germaphobic habits
4    How very religious and prayerful you are
5    Your love for dogs
6    The sound of your voice
7    Your humility
8    You drink tea everyday out of the tea cup I got you, a reminder to me that I am with you even when I'm  not
9   Your kind heart
10  Your generosity
11  How cute you look when you laugh hysterically
12  How serious you are about bloging
13  How hard you work at keeping your promises
14  The way I miss you when we're not together
15  How lucky you make me feel each day for having someone like you in my life
16  When Dylan used to bite us, you would encourage us to bite him back.  If we were crying too hard, you would do it for us
17  The smell of your perfume
18  Your handwriting
19  How we get See's every time we go to the mall together
20  You knit me scarves
21  Your smile
22  You blogstalk
23  You gave me a brother and sisters
24  You were recycling long before it was cool
25  You are very forgiving, and we've given you a lot to forgive along the way
26  You don't consider it cake unless it is chocolate
27  You bring me Sprite and toast cut into strips when I'm sick
28  You listen to good music
29  You kissed James Taylor
30  You have pretty hair
31  You cry during romantic comedies
32  I love watching movies with you, even though you talk the whole time
33  Your freckles
34  You are an amazing writer
35  You're strong, in many ways
36  You have traveled all over
37  I inherited your artistic abilities, a talent of mine I value above all else
38  We are more alike than I sometimes care to admit
39  You taught me well
40  You let me make my own decisions
41  Your hands are always cold
42  Your heart is always warm
43  You love yoga, I love yoga
44  You spoil me
45  When I was little you always let me borrow your beloved silky blanket
46  My favorite birthday present I ever got was the letter you wrote me when I turned 19.  I cried when I read it
47  You let me keep Bailey
48  You like Soulja Boi
49  You married your best friend
50  You make me laugh
51  You survived my teen years
52  You are convinced that all of your grandchildren are gifted and talented.  Really, they are
53  You always told us our birth stories on our birthdays growing up, even if we didn't always want to hear them
54  You make lists
55  Dessert doesn't always have to come last in our house

I love you more than all the days we've been together,


My son Cooper, because you took all the love I gave you and gave it back to me in one simple note on my birthday, and therefore made me feel like a bizillion bucks.

You're my hero, boyo!

I love you more than all the love there is in the world...
To the rest of you a St Patrick's Day Blessing-

"May your home always be too small to hold all your friends!"



Jenny Hillman said...

Oh! Be still, my heart! You are such a fortunate woman. You have obviously raised quite the wonderful boy. :)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...


i'd write more but hard to see with all the tears in my eyes.

Helene said...

That note right there is worth 100 birthdays!! He's such an incredibly sweet boy to take the time to write all that out. And it must be a great feeling to know that he notices all those little things about you!!!

AshleyOney said...

That is amazing! How wonderful to have a son that can express his love for his mother!

Paige said...

That was fabulous!!!

Love you more than all the hopes I have of one day receiving a letter so wonderful from my children.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Such sweet post! Love your idea of the 55 ....
Have a sparkly Spring week, I'm off to read some of your past posts...

Just One Week said...

So wonderful!! He's obviously been shown amazing examples of how to be kind and generous!

Stopping by from SITS!

Shell said...

I would have cried at the beauty of his gift. What a wonderful son you have. Happy belated birthday!

Stopping in to welcome you to SITS!

Small Burst said...

You have a good son. What a lovely note and the very best bday present at that!

Tina said...

Hi - oh my! I just stopped by to thank you for your lovely comments about my kitchen and what a beautiful post to fine here!! What a lovely son and obviously what a wonderful mother you are - such an inspiration:) Wishing you and your family the loveliest weekend ~ Tina x

Cheryl said...

Wow. What an awesome gift.

Enjoy your BON Day!

Emma said...

What a doll! You are a lucky, lucky woman, and you've obviously done something very right!

croneandbearit said...

Wadding up Klennex and tossing on floor as she continues to blubber. Oh you are truly blessed. Devoted Spouse and I were never given the gift of children. But I get to hang out with friends' kids and that has to do. Your son is very lucky to have a mom like you and you, too, are lucky to have him. Lovely post. Sniffle, sniffle, big smile...

Peterson Family said...

What a treasure! How wonderful! And I think it's pretty great that he loves the smell of your perfume and acknowledges it. I keep a bottle of my mom's perfume and when I miss her (which is a lot) I will just spray it around me and think of her. It's amazing how something like that connects us, isn't it?

Jennee said...

How cute is that....I should do that for my mom's birthday sometime....

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

How proud you must be,... You have raised a man, not a boy. And what a great man he already is. He realizes a woman's worth...

Pam said...

This is an amazing post for so many reasons. It's so heartfelt and the fact that a young man wrote it to his mom is just beyond fabulous. You've raised a wonderful son. Congrats. Now, can he marry one of my daughters... please?

Pam, from WOW

MissKris said...

THIS is what being a mother is all about. Absolutely beautiful...you are so blessed! I am only a year older than you and my littlest grandson is named Cooper!

Hill Country Hippie said...

Absolutely the best gift ever!

Anita said...

I'm late, as often is my problem. Hi Tia, I teared up reading this one. Congrats on your BON day, I can see you had much fun. Your son is precious, I love this list!