31 October 2010

Halloween's Past

Dare I mention names here?  Dare I risk damnation from my own children?
Shoot yeah.  It was five years ago!  They were 7th graders!  
Ah heck, I'm trying to win a Canon Rebel T2i from the Sits girls.  I just love those girls and their blog.  Tiffany is so pretty!  Dylan here was (an air traffic controller) and he is sending you right on over to The Secret Is In The Sauce, as you can clearly see.  Go check them out.  Their contest runs all week and maybe you can win the Canon too!  I can cut my loses if it's for one of you - cause ya know I love you more'n my luggage.





NanaDiana said...

Uhhh...what kind of luggage do you have? Obviously it is not one of the really EXPENSIVE brands.(think Hermes')..So....I'm thinking it is a knock-off and there IS NO comparision between your love for US and your love for your LUGGAGE! I will check these blogs out today. I hope that camera comes with instructions cuz you know how I am with a camera! Hugs- Diana

Kat said...

Cute, cute, cute! I won't enter, because I already have a Rebel. I LOVE it, so I really hope you win. I'm cool like that :) Kat

Amy said...

Love those Halloween pics! Very creative;)

Hope you win that Canon honey...I have one and it's wonderful!!