03 August 2012

Do It Yourself, I Don't Have Time

Remember how many times I've told you I'm not a DIY Blog?  If I could do this for you I would, but I just don't have the time.  And if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, you are now capable of doing this yourself. I know, I don't say that to you but, I say it to someone.

Once in a while though, I happen to have my camera and I shoot a few pics.  I try to explain how I do stuff, but that's not really my forte' so you just kinda have to take it for what it is.  An attempt to explain how I did something myself.   Just another shenanigan I've been up to, kind of like this one when I re-did the bedroom in the first place.

I could make this little ditty for you but then you wouldn't have any fun, and this was pretty fun!  I have to admit, the outcome is the most fun part but even just making was kind of a zen, just twisting and turning yarn and all. Yep, that's all there is to it.  You just wind yarn round and round and round. 

So this is an easy-peezy project and then I've got to go because, today is my baby's 18th birthday and she's my last baby.  I have to go to bed and cry the rest of the day, but I'll see you next time I post, K?  It's Maggie's birthday and I'll cry if I want to.  You'll cry to when it happens to you.  

Here is my last baby.  She makes my life just a little more fun & quirky as you can see right here.  My baby said, in a huff one day not long ago when I grounded her, "I'm moving out when I'm 18, on the stroke of midnight!"  You don't thing she meant it do you?  Just tell me no, it'll make me feel better.

This is a photo of my newly remodeled studio.  This is the last time any of us will see it tidy like this because it is not a spare bedroom, it's a studio and I create in here.  A lot.  And creating is messy.  Where I am usually a neat freak, I am a huge mess when I create, be it, with paint, crafts, sewing or refinishing furniture. Even blogging can get messy with my pretzels all over the floor or random things I may throw when I get frustrated with writers block.  (See, dementia...) Just kidding about refinishing furniture in the studio though.  I mostly do that in the garage ;)

First of all, no job is possible without Junior Mints.  I don't get paid by Junior Mints for saying that.  They are the staple of my diet and especially when I'm crafting, even if I'm not eating them, they must be by my side for moral support.  Don't judge.  Please.

These are the tools of the trade.  Yarn.  Yep, that and a little bit of tacky spray glue, a cheap lampshade from anywhere, or one you already have which for me,  was a cheap one from anywhere.

You spray the lampshade a little, about three inches at a time all around.  I started at the top because I usually start at the top when I do stuff.  That's not where I typically end up but I always have righteous desires and high hopes.  I believe = translation:  if I remember correctly, I started with creme colored yarn and started rolling it around the lampshade for about 5".  Then I used my blue/green shade and did about 1".  I think the white was 2" and then I used the cream to end up with about 5 more inches.  But you may do any pattern you want.  I mostly do everything in uneven numbers, except for that 2".  Because, what I'm really doing is just eyeballing it because I hate measuring, which I can get away with because II have a husband who always carries a tape measure and knows how to count.  When you're done you will have scads of yarn left over.  I'm going to knit a cover for my car but you can do anything you like with yours. 

I re-attached the shade to my bedroom fixture and wallah!  A shade which matches my duvet, and the pillows on my love seat.  Just so you understand, the love seat doesn't have any lovin' going on, it's just a phrase.  I mainly sit there and read my Nook, but mostly it's just a giant dog bead for the pups.  

Enough said.

See how the new shades tie everything together in the space?  (That's decorator talk for everything matches now.)

I of course did two of them because I'm ambitious that way.  And there were two of them so I didn't have a choice.  Now that I look at my side tables, could someone come and stage this place for me?  I know y'all are out there, I read your blogs and I'm obviously stage impaired.

Here's how the shade looks at night with the light on.  Pretty, huh?  If the yarn doesn't cooperate or go on perfectly, just give it a little extra spray and move it to where you want it.  Of course that didn't happen to me, I put it on perfectly the first time, but you know - I just like to throw out helpful hints like that.  Another tip is start and end each section at the seam in the back of the lamp.  It's not too ugly back there but it isn't the finest part in the end.  The glue is invisible so don't worry about a mess, just clean up your hands a bit as you go so you don't stick your fingers together, or your ring onto you hand.  I learned this the hard way.

Have a weekend full of all that you love.  I'm heading off to Montana for a family vacation.  Only 19 of us - should be very restful!

Here is our sunset last night.  Prepare to say, ahhhhh.   

Many blessing,


Last night was Concerts In The Park.  Gloriously our park overlooks the ocean and this.  There are only a few Thursday night concerts left this summer and I'd love it if you could come with us.  You pack up sandwiches and I'll bring the wine and we'll have a good ol time.  Love you more, and that's final!


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