12 April 2013

Irish Lace Love

Irish Lace Love by Tia @ Cottage By The Sea

Irish lace curtains!  You know me, I love all things Irish.  These are now hanging in my studio doorway, blowing softly as the sea breeze comes in.  I'd say it's springtime in San Diego, but you can mostly keep these doors open all year long.  I searched all over Ireland for curtains like these last year when I was in the Bera but to no avail.  I saw these in a photographer's studio when I went to get photos made for my gallery wall up my stairs.  The one I'm going to finish, when I get started; but that's another story.  The photographer uses them for a backdrop and I knew they had to be mine.  I figured I would have to pay an arm and a leg and that would be a problem because I need my arm and leg more than I need Irish lace curtains.  But at the time I didn't think I did.

But guess what?  Guess what, guess what!?  The curtains were from Ikea.  Yes, THE IKEA.  We happen to have one about 40 miles up the freeway.  So the next day both my arms and legs made their way into the car and checked in to Ikea. You might recall that in the past, Ikea and I have had a love- hate relationship.  It can be so terribly confusing and claustrophobic in there.  I got so confused my daughter and husband had to help me just to get the shelving up in my studio when I first started to decorate after the remodel.  Here are some of the before nightmares. http://lorimcktia.blogspot.com/2010/12/hi-guys.html 
Then again, one can find the most awesome, charming, inexpensive treasures at Ikea!  Like Irish lace curtains.  (Swoon).  Who knew?   I'm going back soon to purchase a slew of white frames with white mats for my soon to be accomplished and completed, gallery wall.  I sort of forgot about that chore in my lust for the curtains.

I scooped up two pair, one for each set of French Doors in my studio.  The price for all.  Drumroll please...  A whopping $6.00.  Six dollars!  I was so happy I almost cried.  I may have cried.  I did cry!  

 This is the view of the set which hangs on the doors leading out to my entry hall.  There are blinds behind them that I can close if I want complete privacy but, the lace just softens the space and transforms the room into a more gentle, girly area just for  me.

 This is the view from my garden into the studio.  Imagine them blowing in the breeze which they always seem to do when I open the doors.  Beautiful!  Romantic!  I love them!

The view to the outside and the Blessed Virgin's Garden - as we refer to it; for the statue of Our Lady and all the flowers that surround her.  I love to sit and write or paint and watch the birds in their bath.  I'm just starting to plant our perennials - soon it will be a profuse rainbow of color.

My Irish Lace curtains are hanging by the wire you find at Ikea which is usually used to hang artwork or treasures from, by little clips.  It works perfectly for curtains as you can barely see it and it slides easily.  It's also very inexpensive and doesn't hide the beautiful woodwork. 

My cockapoo even approves  his new view.  So what do you think?

Love you EVEN more than my new Irish Lace!



P.S.  Our sunsets are getting that, almost summer glow, so I'm including one for your perusal.  Many more to come this summer, I promise.

Sunset photo credit (hubby's iPhone on his way home from work)

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