10 October 2013

We Welcome With Love

We welcome with love, our
healthy, beautiful, sweet, baby girl

My baby girl had a baby girl yesterday.
Her 7th child.  We're still out numbered at 4 boys, 3 girls.  (But the girls are mighty!)
My daughter, she is a shining example of, The Culture of Life.

 Her stats.    Her middle name is Kathleen.  It's for Tara's younger sister Kathleen who will be Rebecca's godmother.  Wait.  7 babies and not one named for her Grammy.  Not even a middle name...
We'll think about that later.

 St Mary's Kindergarten class welcomes baby Rebecca!

Look how my daughter, my baby girl,  may first baby girl, beams.

There's lots of rejoicing going on around here.  Thanks for sharing with us St Mary Kindergarden.

Grandma Ger (Jason's mom) and I have taken over kid, house and hearth duties.  We drove back and forth in the rain (a California phenomena) yesterday, at least 3x, introducing the kids to their new baby.
Driving in the rain is unnatural for us Southern Californian's.  I got lost all 3 times.  Wait, maybe one of those times was when I lost my car.  There's a reason you are the Grammy and not the Mommy when you are as old as dirt! (Only myself Ger, you rock the socks off being a Grandma.) I'm just still tired from my own fearsome five.

Abigail Rose was first to meet Rebecca, since she's still at home.  Abby says it's okay that she's not the baby anymore because, now she's a BIG sister!  Now she doesn't wear diapers and she shares a room with her big sister Emma.

Abby was a little overwhelmed at first, but with great wonderment, was soon holding the baby like a champ.

 Daddy was a gentle helper.

 Hmm, that looks like a real baby.

She's soft, I kinda like her.

APPROVED!  We'll keep her.  It's almost official.

She just has to meet the rest of the family.  The only one missing is Ty, the eldest.  He was at football practice and yet to meet, as Abby calls her, Baby Brebecca.  He met her after practice and I can official say, fell in love at first sight.  Folks - she'ssssss in there!

Dayne, holding precious cargo.

Cael, overjoyed, announced that she is perfect, and beautiful.  He's a natural.

Emma was a little overwhelmed and needed Daddy's help.  She was not very happy that the baby wasn't dressed yet.  (Don't worry Em's - there's a princess dress all ready for the baby in her closet at home.)  I think Rebecca will grow on her.  Emma's about as sweet as they come and will be a great, big sister.

Back safely in Mommy's arms.

Well, that's it for now.  I'm back on Grannie duty in less than an hour.  The troops get out of school half day today, and Mommy, Daddy and Baby Rebecca are coming HOME.
Grammy with so many blessings she has enough to overflow!


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