10 December 2013

Hookin' Up In My Pajama's

Today I'm hooking up with Mama Kat's writing prompts over at "Mama's Losin It" I couldn't resist when I saw this prompt and remembered that I wrote an entire post on pajama's (cause that's just how industrious I am), a few years ago when I first started this blog.  I only included the very end stanza of the song, "I Put My Pajama's On" then.  It's by Livingston  Taylor, (younger brother of James Taylor).  But, here it is in its full glory, along with a link to the original post at the end.  Just double click and there you'll be! A great song, and then my post.  We all love our pajama's Mama Kat!  If you Google it you can hear the song too.

"I've Got My Pajama's On"  by Livingston Taylor

I've got my pajamas on
Before I go to bed I'm going to run around.
I'm standing on my head
And the world is upside down.

Me and Wilson, my teddy bear
We're going to do a lot of wiggling
Before we go upsairs
Watch out you lions you tigers you bears
I've got my pajamas on

Mommy said put 'em on
I said no
Daddy said let's go
I said all right
I'm clean, I'm warm, I'm out of sight
I've got my pajamas on

I'm in Daddy's lap, fading fast
Wilson, if you want to mess around
You'll have to do it alone
I love being little
And I'll love being grown
I've got my pajamas on.

Snuggle up tight, 'cause it's the pajama's time of year.



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