14 December 2009

Happy Birthday My Big, Beautiful, Baby!

When I married him, my husband came with his own set of Christmas ornaments.  Score!  This guy I thought, is smart, clever,  capable of putting up with a ration of my sh**  patient,  has the most amazing blue eyes and is a good kisser.   Plus, plus!  He comes with his own decorations. 

With some unabashed bragging, since it's my own blog and all, let me tell you about some of the traits that make up the man that is my husband.  His parents have 5 kids and he's by far the best of the bunch.  (Just kidding in-laws; only testing to see if you read my blog.)

Scott has limitless energy, yet is capable of falling asleep anywhere, which is a gift really.  He's a thoughtful guy and a very good sharer.  His favorite game to play is basketball, which he still does religiously 3 x per week at 4:30 AM. Yep, you read that right. 

He is a self made business man who has worked incredibly hard and smart for the past 35 years. Scott has a child's heart, is as honest as the day is long, and would do anything for a friend.  He always puts his family first and is very protective.  He can fix anything, build anything, and he thinks that 95 percent of my hair-brained great ideas are brilliant and supports me in bringing them to fruition.  My guy is supportive, always upbeat and positive and looks on the bright side of every situation.  He is a wonderful father to our children, a first rate story reader (unless he falls asleep during the story), has wrestled everyone he ever met whether they wanted to or not, (you know who you are), and is a first rate snuggler.  Did I mention that he came with his own Christmas decorations?

Today is his birthday.  There is nobody, and I mean absolutely not any body, who enjoys celebrating his birthday more than my husband.  Some people would rather have a quite evening all tucked in, wanting no fuss over the fact that they are getting older and have already celebrated a bazillion birthday's.  Not my man.  He wakes everybody up, jumping on the bed at 12:00 pm on the last minute of the day before his birthday every year, asking if he can open his presents yet?  But have I mentioned that he came with his very own Christmas ornaments?

In true family fashion and it seems in our tradition, we kicked off his birthday last night with the first of the parties, although his birthday is officially today, the 14th December. This evening, we are going out for a celebratory dinner with friends, and at the end of the week,  our two college kids will come home after their finals and I'll making his favorite dinner because they'll want to celebrate their Papa as well.

Some people feel sorry for those whose birthday's fall near Christmas time. It is a common belief that their special day will get lost in the hubbub and rush of the holidays and the celebration of Jesus' own birthday.  That's not true in this case.  Do not feel sorry for him because, he is a first rate birthday celebrator from the day before his birthday right on up and until Christmas Eve, when he will finally hands it over to the man upstairs.

Happy Birthday Jesus!
My husband is a man of faith, values and ethics.  Qualities that I highly value and appreciate.  AND he came with his own box of ornaments to boot! 

I love this one.  This santa is made of real wood! There is something traditional and lasting about a guy who comes with his own ornaments.  Every year when I haul them out of storage and dust them off.  I find a special spot on the tree for each one.  As with all the ornaments my kids have made by hand, these ornaments hold a special place in my heart.  Even as they get old and faded and musty and smelly.  Wait, sorry, I got carried away with that last sentiment there.  It's been a long few days of decorating and parties. Let's begin again. Even as the ornaments get older, and their colors fade, I am reminded that these are the things of which memories are made. These things, and this man, are truly treasures to me that I will cherish forever. But if anything ever happens that ends this marriage - warning good news to whom ever gets him next - "He comes with his own ornaments!"

As if all this wasn't  too good to be true, he also came with his very own, hand knitted, Christmas Stocking.

So, to my great, big, beautiful baby- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I Love you more than all the parties we will have to celebrate your day, and honestly, love you more than anything else in the world!

God Bless You,


Note to my mother-in-law:  I've always thought you were a wise woman and you've proven it once again.
N I C E  way to get rid of all the old ornaments times 5!

Note to all my kids still living at home:  When you marry, you shall go forth to your new home with your own box of Christmas ornaments.  After all, it's tradition.

A quote from my eldest daughter as she left our home for married life:  "Mom, please don't give me any more of your old stuff."

Note to the birthday boy:  This is your present. {grin}

Please feel free to scroll down and leave a birthday wish for Scott in the comments section.  I know he'd love to hear from ya'll.


Maggie said...

ur pretty cool. YOu know that :)

Anonymous said...

dear dad,
thanks for everthing you've given me over the years. im very greatful even though i dont show it all the time. love you and hope you have a wonderful 28 birthday.

Anna & John said...

Happy Birthday, Scott!! We did think of you today as we always remember that Stephen and his "godfather" have birthdays just one day apart. We have so many wonderful memories of our VC times with you and your precious family. We miss you guys and wish we could get together more often... maybe 2010 will be the year for us to do that! We love you bunches, Anna & John xoxo

Tara P said...

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you so much!

shani z said...

happy happy happy birthday
to the best uncle ever-
no doubt about it!
hope your birthday was
fun and tasty!

Patches1 said...

Scot I'm sorry I missed your birthday but anyone born in December is awesome....Hope you had a great day.