27 December 2009

Christmas wrap

This is what Christmas looks like in my neck of the woods.  The greatest and most amazing thing about this here tree is that those balls stay there in their full glory, in an unbroken state throughout the whole holiday.  They are attached securely enough that the wind won't blow them off but, not so securely that if some punk thug wanted to steal one, they couldn't.  But they don't.  Year after year after year.  And that really is cause for celebration in my book!

This was my front porch Christmas display this year.  All my decor is stored away while we remodel the cottage so I improvised.  This was so simple.  So beachy.  I didn't miss my old decorations at all.

On Christmas Eve I snapped this photo on the way home from mass.  Breathtaking.  Hopeful.  Peaceful.

This Advent the lights shone brightly.  Every moment was busy and hectic and I am thoroughly exhausted.  I'm looking forward this week, to relaxing and playing back all the moments, all the memories in my mind.  And not having any expectations, a million things to do, things to accomplish before...  So, a recap -

Lets start with this.  Bria Rose.  This is my favorite part of Christmas.
The babies.  
We were blessed with a brand new one in our family this year.  Isn't she precious?

The kids all together and not trying to kill loving each other.

The small but precious moments.

Captured unawares.


And I know Him too.  But now the cake is all gone and the Nativity is put away.  There are Valentine cards on the shelves at Hallmark for goodness sake.  

That about wraps it up for our Christmas holidays.   I hope whomever you are and wherever you are, whatever holiday you observed, there were precious moments involved that you can play in your mind from now until you celebrate again.  I'll just be hanging around recovering, waiting to bring in the New Year.  I think I'll start thinking up a New Year's resolution.  How about you?


Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds lovely!

Patches1 said...

Sounds like you had a very Happy Holiday...Now rest so you can celebrate the New Year.

Helene said...

I wanna live where you live!!! That first picture is gorgeous...love the view of the ocean!

You have such a beautiful family!! It's so hard to imagine my kids being that grown-up with babies of their own! You are so blessed!!!

Hope you have a happy and healthy New year!

Angelia said...

I love the pictures and the post. What a beautiful family! That tree on the coast was just precious. Kinda makes up for the lack of snow. I am a big southern cal fan, probably the place I have visited the most. :-)
Happy SITS sharefest day!!

Ms. Wanda said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog!
You inspired me today to post pictures of my new city Atlanta (I'll always be a Jersey girl)!
I hope you don't mind but I linked your blog to my Sunday's in My City post today! This a fabulous Sunday post that UnknownMami created and bloggers all over share pic's of their city's and their travel's:)
I loved your shots they were awesome I felt compelled to share:) If you would like to share your beautiful Southern California photo's go to my blog click on the button on the right that say's Sunday's in my City!

The babies are beautiful:)

Have a blessed and Wonderful New Year!
Ms. Wanda