08 February 2010

Sunday In My City

Solana Beach, California
7th February, 2010

In honor of Mami at Sundays In My City; today my post will give you a glimpse as to what my city looked like on Sunday.  Hop on over to Mami's blog and visit some of the other beautiful and interesting city sights from around the country.

Unknown Mami

 I know, right!
I took this photo about a block down from my cottage to the North.  It is a beach called 'Tabletops' and not only is it beautiful, it's one of the best surf spots in San Diego.  Just look at all the shades of blue out there.  Amazing, is it not?

About a block to the South of the cottage is a beautiful park.  When we first moved here it was just a parking lot.  Now it's a family playground with swings and slides for the kids.  Also, it is the entrance to Fletcher's Cove.  The view has been memorialized on my blog many times.  Some of you have been on walks with me that started right here at Fletchers Cove.  In the summertime there are free concerts, and families and friends gather with their picnics to enjoy live music, a little bit of kid karaoke, and spectacular sunsets.

It was a windy Sunday today.  But the temperature was in the 60's during our walk — just before the Saints beat the Colts in The SuperBowl.  It was hard to leave the beach to go inside but, the fans gotta do what the fans gotta do.

This is my idea of what Heaven will be like.  Lets hear it for Heaven on Earth!  I feel humbly blessed every time I look out at the sea.  I experience an overwhelming feeling of wonder and reverence clear down to the depths of my soul.

Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe. (St Augustine)

Thank you Mr. Fletcher!

This seagull sculpture was recently donated to our city by residents Carol Childs and her husband Peter House.  It is now part of the cities permanent art collection.  I think it's beautiful.  You can see from my photos that wherever you stand, you see it differently.  I find that to be true about every day life. Wherever I stand, whatever my attitude, is how I will see life that day.

I think this 400 pound sculpture is an example of art inspired by nature.  At its widest, the gull has a 6-foot wingspan, with 3 feet between its beak and the tip of its tail feathers.  It doesn't obstruct any views and fits in beautifully with the magnificent Torrey Pines behind it.

The original sculpture was created around 1940.  The donors bought it on the East Coast and donated it to Solana Beach after they moved here.  Imagine if it had stayed on the East Coast, this seagull would be covered in snow about now.  I actually think that would be really beautiful judging from the pictures I saw on lots of blogs last week.  Snow like a blanket covering everything from fence posts and fields, to horses and houses and trees.  Everything looks so peaceful covered in snow.  Alas, that was not the fate of this seagull.  He came to live here in our city and this past Sunday, he stood magnificent in the sunshine.

 The base of the sculpture was created by local resident Dennis Higgins,  and was designed to mimic the waves and pick up the flows, curves and shapes of the trees.  I think he succeeded very well indeed!

Sun, snow, wind, sleet, hail, rain or rainbows.  I love to see pictures of the cities you all live in.  Each of them come with their own beauty.  Whatever the weather, wherever you are, remember you are blessed by an Awesome God and He loves you.

Last weekend we went to a Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras party on Saturday.  So I guess I can wish you all a happy Sunday on Monday!  Thanks for linking up to Sunday's In My City.




Helene said...

Where you live looks like heaven on earth...I'm such a huge beach lover, what I wouldn't give to live that close to the beach!

We've been to San Diego a couple times and it's magnificent!!!

Unknown Mami said...

That spot really is heaven on Earth! All of these pictures are amazing.

Marmee's Pantry said...

WOW! SO opposite of what my Sunday looked like! lol

Blessings from snowy Ohio...Kim<><

Susan said...

What a stunning shot of the ocean - I could just about hear the waves rolling in. Lucky ducks to live in such a beautiful spot :)

mimiomimi said...

Ya'll have gotten so fancy schmancy I can't even find the right place to leave a comment! I am writing this on Sunday after seeing you are the BON (at first thinking you misspelled "bomb" and then realizing I don't know what I'm talking about!! Conrgats Sis!! I love ya! Keep up the good work, it's good to have you back bloggin!