27 February 2010

Things I've Learned

This is a picture of my cottage before.  A view into the warmth and cozy living that is cottage living.  A family, foibles and all, lived happily here.

All About Cottages

Author: Terry Pinto
Cottages are dwellings that are typically found in rural or semi-rural areas. It is built around natural surroundings, and most of the time the surrounding fauna intruding into the actual living space. The term cottages also means a small and cosy place of living, often located near a body of water.
These hut-type dwellings were christened cottages, mainly because they were the dwelling quarters of cotters, a group of people belonging to the serfs’ category during feudal times, who earned their livelihood working as peasants. Cotters did not own their own land; instead they worked on their lords’ fields. In return, they were given huts and gardens, and sometimes even a small share of their lords’ harvests. Later, with the Industrial Revolution, weavers' as well as miners' cottages were also developed.
There are slight differences and some distinguishing characters in the cottages that are located at different places. Canadian cottages are distinguished from others, because they are mostly located next to a lake or even the ocean, basically in areas of wilderness. They are mostly rented out to vacationers and are considered popular tourist draws. Used fro skiing, hiking and fishing trips, they are also called 'cabins'.
In Finland, on the other hand, cottages are mainly residential buildings that are used as holiday homes or a relaxed dwelling. The main characteristic about cottages in Finland is that they are made of logs and they too are situated next to a water body. In Hong Kong, they are three storied brick structures, and commonly used as relaxing and rejuvenating getaways from the hustle and bustle of the city.
UK is famous for its holiday cottages. They are well equipped and comfortable buildings that can accommodate couples as well as large family groups. UK cottages are the prettiest cottages and have well-tended and beautiful gardens attached to them. They are usually fully furnished with self catering options as well.
Cottages have today become a symbol of a relaxed and comfortable way of living in the lap of nature, and provide respite to city dwellers from the hectic and stressed contemporary lifestyle.
About the Author:
Terry is a globe-trotter specializing in travel writing. Having toured all over Britain, he has a fair idea of the best resorts, cottages, hotels, and other places of accommodation and entertainment, including self catering services in the British isles. He has been using his vast knowledge of geography and languages to guide tourists and holiday-makers to enjoy their touring time.
Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - All About Cottages

This is the front of my cottage at the beginning of construction. Sorry 'bout the blur - I think it was the tears.

This photo shows the back of the cottage after demolition. You can see clear through to the front.

And then the rains came. This side of the cottage gets the wind from the sea. It is boarded up and battened down. But....

Things are moving forward now. The past week has seen windows framed in, walls built, footings poured, and rooms reconfigured so that even I, with my plan challenged brain can see what the future holds. I've heard it said, it's always darkest just before the dawn. Stay tuned in hopes that, "Cottage By The Sea" will become a reality. The past two weeks have painfully reminded me that, it's not really cottages or comfy homes, but the security and happiness of the people who live within, that count.




shani z said...

yea for progress!!! you'll be back in there before you know it.

Unknown Mami said...

I look forward to seeing the finished project. Hang in there! It's coming.