23 April 2010

Copper? Cooper?



The copper roof tiles which will patina to several shades of blues and greens and stand up to salt air forever.

Cooper and the lovely Dominique.

Copper,  the lovely new roof tiles soon to be installed on the cottage.

Cooper my goofball son whom I love more than life itself.

Copper which I have decided I love more than diamonds.  Yes... I do.




simpledaisy said...

I think they're both pretty fabulous:)

bermudabluez said...

They really ARE both pretty fabulous as simple daisy says!! So glad we found each other!! I have never been to SanDiego although after reading and checking out your blog....I want to MOVE there....preferably to a little cottage on the water!!! My daughter went there on vacation last year and just happened to attend the Madonna concert on her last night. She was thrilled! You have quite a cool place and I will now be adding you to my 'roll and following you!! Thanks so much!!

Sena Fontane said...

You have lovely pictures! And Dominique reminds so much of that girl start in Glee she is gorgeous! I love your blog!

Kate McKenna said...

1. I am not shocked that you snuck Domi into that post.
2. I am shocked she does not have a post to herself...yet.
3. You're welcome for that idea.

NanaDiana said...

Tia- Cooper-Handsome kid/cool name/did you just not WANT to call him Copper and that was as close as you could get -OR- 2nd choice-In your after birth shock you mispelled(sp?) his name? lol
Also- I LOVE copper too. We built a small "breakfast bar" area in our house and I wanted a copper sink. The only one I could find was an oversized bar sink (which I turned sideways). I had the choice of "coated" or uncoated. The coated was about $75. more. I got the UN-coated~ BIG mistake. I have to scrub it with BarKeepers Friend everyday to keep it looking nice. (However, it IS beautiful) If I bend over would you please deliver a good swift kick?