12 April 2010

It's Tubby Time

Today I'm going to blog about Bath tubs of all things.  But, first I want to say a little something about my last post.  Last Friday the ladies at the new website WOW (Words Of Wisdom, let little ol me be their Blogger of Note. Yep, I got to be the BON.  For all of you bloggers out there who like to write just for the love of it,  link back to WOW and Sandy and Pam will tell you all about their site and how to contact them. Maybe you can be the Blogger of Note, too.

Sandy and Pam,  thanks so much for the opportunity to connect to so many great bloggers.  I had a blast on my BON day meeting new people, connecting, and even finding lots of new blogs to follow myself.   Also, thanks so much to all those who commented and all who stayed to follow.  I appreciate you too and will try not to disappoint.  There's a lot going on around here and you know I love to write about it.

I proceed.  Living at the beach wasn't always my dream.  Once a long, long, time ago my dream was to live out in the country, in the middle of nowhere, to raise kids and goats and chickens.  I wanted land to spread out on and grow gardens and pick oranges.  We got our act together and set out to find us some land.  Well, come to find out, land in California is some of the most expensive land in the country.  Not to fear, we plowed ahead, found a house on 5 acres of land and bought the cheapest house on the least expensive plot of land in the County of San Diego.  My husbands parents said many a time, "it's not too late to get out of this.  You can just walk away while you're still sane."  Being as we are not ordinarily sane, we lived our country dream and raised our kids out there where we, with our noisy brood, were the only ones breaking the peace!

When my kids were little and it was bath time which, was at least once a day because there's a lot of mud when you have a lot of land.  Especially when you are living in a travel trailer in the middle of 5 acres with 5 kids while you build your house.  We lived out in the country and there was an inordinate amount of mud amongst the orange groves.  I have kids who love mud.  Apparently kids are literally drawn to mud.  Especially boys.  I remember my youngest son, after I'd wrangled him and his brother and sisters into their Sunday best, escaping my grasp and rolling in the mud before I even got him in the car to go to church.  There was definitely more than one bath that day!

Around our house we call baths, 'tubby time,' and embarrassingly enough, we do to this day.  Such as when I say, " Okay guys, it's time to take a tubby, you have school tomorrow," ( My kids still at home are 15 and 16 years old for gosh sakes.)  Or I announce to my family, " I'm going to take a tubby, bug me during it and I'll come out and strangle you   if you disturb my me time, I won't be relaxed enough to be the excellent mommy you all know and love."

Well, we built our house and we raised those chickens and goats and dogs and kids and ate oranges until we about turned orange.  We took lots of baths to get all the mud off and then we switched it all up.  We had a whole new dream.  (Our dream caught afire by buying and selling and remodeling and buying and selling lots of houses),  so that our holdings would be sufficient enough to own real estate at the beach. Least there is anyone out there who doesn't know this but, beach property is even more expensive than country living.  So, we bought the cheapest cottage at the beach in the County of San Diego.  Of course we couldn't not remodel once again.  IT'S WHAT WE DO! Now that I look back at it, I see that I personally must love dirt because, even now that I live at the beach, I'm surrounded by it. But, finally, except for landscaping the yard, I think we're FINITO WITH DIRT! We've made a lot of progress and it's getting a lot more fun now. We've moved forward so much that, we may finally be finished enough with dirt we will have time to get back into the sand.

My youngest grandson Nicholas enjoying his time in the sand! It will soon be tubby time for Nicholas.  Sand is just a little courser than dirt it turns out.

Now that we live at the beach and the kids are on their own for tubby time, it's all about the me when it comes to tubby's.  We've had many snags, glitches and interruptions during our remodel.  Kind of a common saga if you ever decide to go that direction.  Just sayin'.  I don't want you coming back and saying I didn't warn you that it isn't all fun and games making your dreams come true.  But now is the time to figure out the details.  It's all about the details.

When you are building the cottage of your dreams you have to do it carefully, completely and consciously.  You spend all your weekends and most of your weeknights (after a long day at work) perusing through Lowes,  Home Depot and every other fixture, contractor, decorator, gardening, builder, home improvement store in San Diego. You spend countless hours searching for deals all over the whole wide world (the internet is a world wide web ya know).  Even when your eyes get crossed and you beg, cry, plead, lie down on the sidewalk and die ask your husband lovingly if you can take a break because you are so tired from looking at so many fixtures from light switch plate covers to porch lights to toilets that, you can't keep it straight anymore.  Then he takes you to look at tubs.  Because he knows that your favorite thing in the whole world it to take a tubby at the end of a long day.  He knows it will make you happy and relax your weary bones.  This in turn will make you want to make him happy for making you happy and around it goes in a beautiful way.

This is kind of, sort of, the tub I'm thinking about purchasing for the cottage.

Although it is very tempting and you can get the claw feet in any finish from plain white or colors, to different metals and finishes such as, gold, bronze or silver, this tub is a little too Victorian for my taste.

This though, this is the tub of my dreams.  Simple and deep, this tub has beautiful  clean lines.  The snozzel is right smack in the middle so the water stays warm all around and not just on one side. This is where I hope to do all my dreaming, soaking, and unwinding in the future. I will garner much inspiration whilst soaking in this tub.   I think I'll be a much better person for it too.

As my daughter has been known to respond when I announce I'm off to take my tubby, "Peace-out mommy."  Thanks baby girl.  I'm outta here.

Excuse me, I'll need a little privacy because I'm going to go sit in my old tubby and dream of my new tubby.

Which one would you choose?




Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Well since my hubby is in the "tubby" business i like the look of the 2nd one but it isn't as comfortable for me to lay in I have found. I believe because I am so short. I am not a fan of the victorian but it was so much more comfy for me.

Have you gotten in this 2nd one yet to see how it fits you? You must do that before you buy. Don't just go on looks would be my advice. For a husband as well. :-)

I am living vicariously through you my dear/

mbkatc230 said...

Oh the last one for sure. It's gorgeous. I'm more of a long shower kind of gal, but this could probably change my mind! Kathy

Bossy Betty said...

Decisions, decisions!

Love your blog!

Michelle Ambuul said...

ooooh- the first one FOR SURE!!!! My mom chose that tub for her house (the fixtures and feet are a more rustic looking though) and it is my FAVORITE thing she had! When we spend the night over there with my dad I always try and sneak a tubby in that beautiful wonderful tub. It is wonderfully deep so you can float for hours and I love the separate shower hose. Anytime you want to make a field trip up to my parents house let me know and I will take you... you can even take a tubby:) Peace out Lori

Anita said...

I like the look of the second one. I love the idea of a long tub soak, but alas I haven't been in many tubs as of late. I shower, certainly, but no long tubbies.
Enjoy, and your remodel is such fun to view.

Jen said...

I like the Victorian claw tub. I can see myself soaking in bubbles...

Rachel Cotterill said...

I love the old-style freestanding baths, with the legs. But I don't think I'd get one, it wouldn't fit with my little country cottage!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hey did you see your award?????

shani z said...

i love the second also. for all the same reasons.
simple deep and middle snozzle.
so thrilled for ya.

Melissa B. said...

Oh, I do love bathtime...for me, not the kids! I make sure to take a couple of bubble baths a week...at least! Good for the body, good for the soul. Restores my creative synapses, too.

Peterson Family said...

I ♥ both of those tubs! But I like the idea of the faucet being in the middle too! But they both look like a little slice of Heaven!