03 May 2010

A few days ago I visited a blog called Simple Daisy.  I found the blog to be optimistic, upbeat,  pretty and beautifully laid out.  It's a fun blog, simple and full of the beachy colors I love.  (Simply) everything about it appealed to me.  Then I found out that the girl who writes Simple Daisy also has an Etsy Shop called,  Simpledaisy.etsy.com

I signed up for an etsy account a while back (just to see if I could figure it out).  Then I promptly forgot my user name and password.  After seeing some of Heather's beautiful jewelry on her blog I really wanted to visit her Etsy shop.  So I plowed through my paperwork to find where I'd written down my user name, etc.  Mission accomplished.  I popped over to her shop to check it out.  I found something I loved.  Actually I found lots of something's I loved.  I was ready to order everything in the shop.  But I restrained myself and being a bit hesitant about ordering online, (to say nothing of being computer challenged),  I went forth cautiously and placed my order.  I got a confirmation right away.  I did it!

A few days later I got a package in the mail.  Inside was a darling box tied with a satin turquoise ribbon.  (The same color as that on a box from Tiffany) if you've ever been lucky enough to get one of those!  I was so excited about how beautifully the box was presented, I hardly cared about what was inside anymore.

When I opened the box, inside, wrapped in beautifully matching tissue paper, were the earrings I had ordered.  Even more beautiful in person that they were in the shop, and believe me, they were photographed much more beautifully in  The Simpledaisy Shop!  Sorry about the photography here, yesterday my camera and I were having a bit of a tiff.

Heather included a sweet personal note which, of course for a sap like me, endeared her forever.

Just look how the stones are iridescent blues and greens.  Shiny silver clasps really set the whole earring off and the stones hang in a graceful, stylish fashion.

A couple of years ago my husband gave me a handful of sea glass he collected from the beach on the  Amplify Coast in Italy.  The colors of the pieces of glass looked just like this.  I think that's what first attracted me to the beautiful jewelry in Heather's Etsy Shop.

I wore them to church today and then to brunch.  Many compliments were received and luckily Heather had included a few of her sweet business cards, which I just happened to be carrying in my purse.  I gladly handed them out and went around the rest of the day feeling like a million bucks.  Don't they just remind you of the freshness and colors of the sea on a sunny day?

If you love jewelry with a simple, natural flair check out Heather's shop on Etsy,  Simpledaisy.  It will make you feel like you are strolling on the sand, finding sea glass, on a sunny day at the beach.  I know I'll be returning.  Lets see... There's Mother's Day coming up.  Graduations, Birthdays, Cinco de Mayo, National Teacher Day, Memorial Day, St-Jean Baptiste Day, Whole Moon, Full Moon, Half Moon A Rising, Stars in the 7th House...In other words - I'll be back!

A special thank you Heather.  I love my new earrings and the way you presented them made them even more special.  

Blessings to all,



simpledaisy said...

I am soooooo completely pleased that you love the earrings!!!! I absolutely love to create jewelry and am even more happy that it makes others so happy:) It would be a dream of mine to be able to one day work full-time at it!!!
Your post is so wonderful and I GREATLY appreciate!!
Thank you too for handing out my cards!!!!! I can't express in words just how much your post made my day:)
With Many Sunshiny and Beachy Thanks,

jmac said...

Hi!! Just found your blog from SimpleDaisy! She's a doll, isn't she? Been wanting to order from her and now you've inspired me to dig thru my stuff to find passwords...for Etsy.
Can't wait to read your blog!!

BONNIE K said...

She sells some beautiful stuff.

MissKris said...

Very pretty! One of my favorite pasttimes at the beach is searching along the shoreline for beach glass and agates. So peaceful!