12 June 2010

Surf's Up

What's up?  Surf's up!  It's time for those lazy, crazy, days of summer.  Everything is starting to smell like coconuts and freesia surf wax around here.

My girlies, these lil sisters here,  are all set for summer surfing again.  One just graduated college; that blondie on the right.  And the other one will be officially finished with her Sophomore Year of High School in, (as she informed me this morning) only FIVE more school days.

Not that they both don't  l.o.v.e.  school... Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaa, ha.  But, summer's here and this is how they feel about that.

This is often their Modus Operandi for getting to the beach.  And they don't have far to go either.  Sometimes it can be a little intimidating though because, they have to pass right by this thing.

I wrote all about this thing in my post;
Can We Keep Her?

If passing by that lady is too disturbing (or in my sons case, enthralling), there are a few other routes we take, like this road less traveled.  This path leads right down to Cardiff By The Sea.  You know who lives there don't you?

This is Rob Machado.  He's one of the worlds greatest surfers,  a living icon and pretty much the soul of surfing.  But, here's the best part; Rob is Goofy Footed just like my Goofy Girl!

Ha!  You thought I wouldn't catch ya.  You scrolled right over that link underlined up there and didn't get to see my Goofy Girl.  Really, you must go back and check her out.  I promise it will bring you a laugh.  She skates and surfs Goofy Footed and not only that, when she skates she wears Stilettos!  Go check it out.  You know you want to.

Back to this guy.  Rob is also the spokesman for Hurley and he heads an Educational Foundation which supports environmental programs in Southern California.  He hosts a renowned surf competition for boys and girls right at this beach in Cardiff every year.  Besides that, the eyes have it!

The thing is though, Rob, do you think you could get a little trim on the fro before some of my friends on the East Coast or from the Mid West come out to see you?  They're gonna think we're all perpetual adolescents out here in Cali.  You know like,  putting fun forever?  Oh yeah, we are!

In Southern California surfing is a choice for PE.  High Schools have surf teams and they compete against neighboring high schools for CIF Championships.  Or you can go club surf if you want to.

Competition starts early in the morning.  I mean 5:30 AM early.  Before the sun comes up, early.

Surf is a winter sport because during the school year that's when the waves are the best.  It's cold out there so they wear a winter wetsuit.  Wet suit or not, I never go in the water in winter time.

I just sit in here and eat donuts.

These are the times for the heats.  You've got to find your team and then your time.

"Maaaaaaagie!  It's 2:30, time for your heat," I say.

And what they say is true.  NO ONE LIKES A DIRTY BEACH.  Duh.

Again I yell sweetly remind my daughter, sitting here on her towel with her BFF, Shelly.  "Sweetie, darling, honey pie, your heat is up now.  It's your turn to surf, surf, surf.  You're gonna win, win, win.  Do it for your team, team, team!"  And my girl replies, "mmmm, but, mommy me and Shelly are having a snack here."

This one, she surfs because its fun.  She just wants to be out on the water catching waves gettin' her groove on.  She's definitely not in it for the competition.

But this one...
Ya better watch your back.

If you're not into surfing, we can take out the kayak.  We call her LOLA.  Wait, don't all sailing vessels have a woman's name?

Or if kayaking aint yo thang, how about we just play in the sand and find seashells?  Imagine it,  can't you just feel the warm sun on your back right now?

So grab a friend

Get your board.

Or heck you silly goose, just climb in the minivan and I'll drive you.

But, come on 'down the beach' this summer and relax your cares away.  That's where we'll be.

Come on down and play with us!

After we're all done playing and it's time to come home and rinse off all the sand and salt water.

Cooper might just wrap you up all warm and snuggly.

Then we'll have a glass of vino and watch the sun set, and we'll all live happily ever after.

Love you more than all the waves we'll catch this summer.  (I say that metaphorically because, I'll actually be under the awning eating donuts.)




Shell said...

Really??? Surfing for PE??? That's awesome!

That pic of your girls jumping inthe air is so awesome! You need to make a huge print of that one and proudly display it!

bermudabluez said...

This is just the BEST post!!! LOVE it!!! What big city are you closest to? San Diego? I think you said...but I can't remember!! Clearly you guys are all doin' some beach lovin!!!

Love ALL your pics!!

Maggie S said...

Thank you for that lovely mini vacation...

NanaDiana said...

I always feel like I am right there with you when you write, Tia! That's a good thing...except...it makes me kind of homesick for the ocean....and the warm breezes....and the rustling sound that palms make when the move with the wind. I would love to sit and eat a donut with you. I will even bring my own coffee- Starbucks, of course!

Your family is beautiful-but you already know that. I am sure you can't wait for your home to be finished so you can enjoy it for the remainder of the summer. Take heart, dear lady, construction will soon be done...and until then? Surf and sand...surf and sand...surf and sand....

Karen said...

What a beautiful family...

And I want to come play!.. I have two kayaks, and a dog named Bailey too! She comes with sometimes. We'll be right over. You know, after the five-hour flight. *sigh*

Fun post :-)

Neil and Susan Brown said...

Hey Tia! I just felt like I had a holiday.... I remember well my early days of surfers and the beach. Thanks for the memories of summer days. :)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

what a bummer.
Are you sure you wouldn't have preferred my photo's from the 60+ inches of snow and shoveling for days? C'mon!

Heaven's Walk said...

What fun, Tia!!!!! This post was a riot! You are certainly very blessed to live so close to the ocean, especially to be able to walk there! (not jealous....not jealous....) Loved the pics and the story! You are one funny gal! lol!

hugs ~


fairmaiden said...

This is such a fun summery post! I wanted my kids to grow up this way...but we just never made it out of the valley...they've never surfed...only boogie board and skimboard...of course skate board too. But I tell you, they could make good surfers and they would have loved to have lived where they could be on a school surf team! I do know Balboa Park and SD...I went to SDSU for my first two years of college. Loved, loved, loved it there!!!! I lived on campus and then in an apartment with four other girls in La Mesa. You are lucky to live there and your cottage by the sea is going to be amazing when it's all done. I think you should put a pick of your new door arch as your header! ox

Loveofthesea said...

I love your photos. just beautiful.