01 June 2010


Remember back when I wrote about The Birth of The Arch?  I'm happy to announce that it is finally time for you to see what came next.  But first I want to show you what came First.

This was the old front door.  When we first bought the cottage the front door was stained with a clear varnish.  After a couple of years being beat by the sun shining from the West, it was in dire need of refinishing or painting.  We chose painting.  We knew that we would soon tear it out in order to start our remodel.  Why go to all the trouble of stripping and staining when you can just lay a nice coat of high gloss black paint over the top?

Here we go,  just a bit further back in time.  The door looked much better with my little Cuties standing in front of it the previous Christmas.  Plus (+) here you can see the original brick}  Okay, move over guys.  Please?  Would ya?  If you move over our friends can see the darling door knocker too.  It was a wedding gift when your dad and I were first married one million years ago and... 'Course it only seems like one hundred'...  What?  You think I'm sassy?  I'll show ya sassy.  These guys wouldn't move over}
Even though I said please.

So, we just started the destruction anyway!

This was back when the whole mess started.  If you'd like to see the archives progress, click on the following links.  They will take you all the way back to last October!  If you just want to see what's happening now over at the cottage  move right along to the next picture.  

We had Dirt,  then we had Concrete.  We often have had some Some dirty dogs and we had rocks. Tons and tons of rocks,  and,  Dirt Rocks!  

We ended up - I mean we started off - I mean, after we started off, we ended up — here.  With no doors, no windows, and no walls.

But then the thunder struck, and the lightening lit up the sky and the world opened up in all its glory... and construction resumed.  

We moved a few openings over to the right,  added a new space here and there and then the arch was born.  In case you missed it, (and you don't want to miss it because it was awesome), here is another picture of the arch.

Awesome, yes?  Well built, yes?  Look at the detail and craftsmanship of this arch!  Simply, glorious.

Then, then, then.  THE FRONT DOOR ARRIVED.  As with all the decisions made at the cottage, it took many minds, lots of opinions and more than a bit of brawn to make things happen to get our new front door in place.

Look at her.  She still has her wrappings on.  She's a gift.  A beautiful, amazing,  gift. Well, kind of a gift.  We still have to pay for her.

Welcome!  Do come in and have a peek.  We got our cabinets delivered today straight from the carpenters shop and I can't wait to show you.

Alas, it's bed time for me now but, I'm going to sleep sweet tonight knowing that my front door is all safe and secure.  We still have tons of work to do but we're turning our dreams into reality here.  Thanks for sharing the ride. xoxoxo

 Love you more than all the needless worrying and fretting, and seemingly difficult decision making we have done here at the cottage in the past nine months.  I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that all along I've felt you wishing me well and rooting for me.  Love is good.  And God is love.




fairmaiden said...

it is absolutely gorgeous!!! and that arch, with the rock, and shingles...Oh my it's looking like a mighty fancy beach house!

fairmaiden said...

Just show my hubby, the carpenter, and he lOvEs it!!!! loves that arch.

loveable_homebody said...

I love both doors! They each have so much charm and character, like the rest of your house seems to. I really like that arch, too!

Karen said...

Love the door!!! Love the cottage!! Love that life!

mbkatc230 said...

It's gorgeous! What a perfect choice. Loved the close up of the arch, what a great detail. This is really coming together beautifully. Well done! Kathy

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Door look great as well as the stone work.
Can't wait to see it on the posts.

NanaDiana said...

I a-door-e (get it adore?) your door!! You did a grand job of finding the right door for that perfect arch. Isn't it exciting when things start to come together? Even though the building process is time consuming and a pain in the you-know-where, it is also filled with glorious moments like this one. When a mini dream of finding the "just right" article beccomes a reality and the puzzle pieces start fitting together. God bless you, my new friend, as you zig-zag up the path to completion!

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

love the new door, it's definitely a wow factor! I have to say I loved your conversation with those cuties standing in front of the door too =) LOLOL. And that last photo, WOOOOOW, send me to dreamland!

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh my gosh, Tia! It's all so beautiful! I adore the idea of the arch over the arched door. Just perfect! What fun watching taking this house re-do ride with you! Anxious to see what you decided about the color of your floors and shutters! :)

Hugs ~


deborah said...

The arch and the beautiful front door are an inspiration..was it your idea to make the front of your home so lovely? I hope you still have your door knocker to put in a place of honor on your fab new door!

Barb said...

This is my first visit. Your home is going to be stunning. That arch... wonderful.


shani z said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the door tia.
you have amazing taste and it's so awesome watching it all come together.

bermudabluez said...

Wow! That arch is really amazing!!! And I love the new door and the WHOLE new cottage! It's going to be just perfect....I can feel it!! And I can feel your excitement popping off the page!!

Cheryl D. said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest! I'm really impressed with the work you did on your cottage. It looks like you essentially tore the whole thing down and rebuilt it! It's amazing. Is the cottage right across from the ocean? I'm so jealous! San Diego is a really nice place. I live in L.A., but used to go down to San Diego all the time during my single days.

sealaura said...

Hi there!! Thanks for visiting my blog. So glad to meet another socal blogger with similar ocean dreams. That arch is gorgeous! Lucky you. it must feel awesome when you see progress like this on your house.

Lula Lola said...

The arch is fantastic! And your door is beautiful! I bet you love seeing it when you drive up!

Maggie S said...

Whew!!! DH is an architect. I am inspired by the transformation of the "entry experience" at your place. Thanks for stopping by crazybeloved.