03 May 2011

Kate Middleton & I Are Just Alike

Kate Middleton, I mean Princess Catherine and I are just alike. Seriously,  
though, she and I both attended her wedding even though I brought my pups.

And just keep reading because I'm going to tell you all the other ways we are just alike, she and I.

First, I'd like to thank my pup Bailey who was so loyal and kind as to get up from her peaceful slumber and watch every moment of the Royal Wedding with me.  Even bribing them with the promise of breakfast at our favorite cafe my persuasive personality couldn't talk my daughter's or husband into sharing the nuptials of Princess Diana's baby son Will's with me.  I watched Diana's wedding 30 years ago and wept for the romance of it all.  I was enraptured when she gave birth to her first son William.  I think I may have sent her a congratulations card.  I grieved when she was killed in that horrific car accident, as though I knew her personally.  Of course I was going to have first row seats at the wedding of her son and his beloved. I'm not only a hopeless romantic, I'm a sentimental sap. 

This one pretended to watch with us but I think he was there in spirit only; what do you think?  Typical male.  It was after all, the middle of the night.

I believe the whole thing started (on the West Coast) @ 3:00 am., but I was up bright eyed and enthusiastically premature ready to watch at midnight.  Obviously, patience isn't my greatest virtue.

 I'm here for ya mom!

"Thanks, Bay's.  I knew I could count on someone you."

Anyway, back to the ways in which I relate to Kate Middleton, now Princess of Wales.  Compare and see.

1.     I'm Irish
        She's... not

2.     She drives a Bentley
        I drive a 12 year old minivan

3.     Over one billion people watched her get married
        Over 100 people watched me get married

4.     She'll never have to make another bed in her life
        I'm making mine in between writing this post

5.     Her complexion is that of an English rose
        I'm trying to fix mine with wrinkle repair cream

6.     Once, as a romantic gesture, Prince William landed his helicopter
        in her garden
        Once, my husband left his emergency break off and landed his truck
        in our neighbor's pool

7.     Catherine looks stunning in a hat
        My head's to fat for a hat

8.     Kate has an impeccable English accent
        I can fake an impeccable English accent

9.     My 3 year old granddaughter sports a Tierra
        Princess Catherine now dons a real tierra

10.   Kate is the princess of her castle
        I've always considered myself been the QUEEN at my house

I know Bailey - I know.  I guess we're not that alike after all but, a girl can dream can't she?  After all, I did have a front row seat at the wedding.

 Ooh my.

Sniff, Snuffle, Sniff.

Whatever mom.

How about we'll just settle for the fact that she's a commoner and I'm a commoner.  NO?  Not anymore?  Okay then, and I know I'm spot on this one...  I'm old enough to be her mother.  Enough said.

My heartfelt congratulations to Prince William and his Princess Kate.  The pups and I wish you a lifetime of profound joy, good health and, well, I guess the wealth thing is a given.

An old Irish Blessing:

May God Sleep On Your Pillow




Julie Harward said...

LOL very cure post and good company to watch it all with too. I wish them well also, lets hope they have a very happy marriage with lots of darling babies! :D

mice_aliling said...

Awww, I wasn't able to watch the tv coverage...not even the reruns...hihihi, I was in work mode. I hope you are enjoying your week.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Adorable post.
I love your white fluffy dog. (who eats dirt)

I did not get up. I did set the DVR. Then I got to FF through things like watching the cars drive to the castle where they went onto the balcony and such.

NanaDiana said...

I see Margaret above me still thinks that is DIRT your dog is eating...we shan't tell her what it really is,huh?

I watched the wedding too...and my daughter woke her two oldest daughters up to watch it ..and yes the skipped morning school that day! SweetCheeks was left sleeping beause..well, just because she is SweetCheeks!

I adored Princess Di..and we had so much in common...starting with our name...oh and ...ending with our name! She was beautiful and gracious and I think her sons had her in their lives long enough to have some of her gifts. The only thing about her death at that age is that she will always be young and beuatiful in our memories...the perfect Princess (who was not so perfect but we didn't care anyway) trying to live up to the impossilbe standards parceled out to her.

I'm with ya, sister- pass the tissues! xxoo Diana

coastal femme said...

I loved this post,some parts of it were too funny(the comment about your husband's truck ending up in the neighbor's pool.I'm so glad you had your furry chidren to watch with you. You're a hopeless romantic,aren't you?

Pam said...

I'm a sentimental sap, too! I watched Charles and Diana's wedding, Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's and Diana's funeral. No way was I going to miss Prince William marry Kate Middleton. It was a lovely wedding and I didn't stop smiling for the entire 5 hours that I watched.

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

The power was out here for 12 hours! I got to see them in their carriage, and the balcony scene. The rest I gleaned from taped excerpts on the news. I guess I'll have to pay the bucks for the magazine photos.....'
Just loved the photo of Bailey with her eyes half closed, but still there for you. :)

bichonpawz said...

Hi Tia! We have been on the road but I positively HAD to stay plugged in at the campground to watch the entire thing...and yes...I was up at 4am to watch...Finally after the balcony kiss...I let my husband unplug the electric and off we went! I, too, am quite sentimental...and felt I knew Diana as a personal friend...she truly was the People's Princess. But, I do believe she was smiling ear to ear from above...looking down with adoration at beautiful Kate!!