23 May 2011

Pretty In Pink

Deep down we all want the fairy tale,
Where dreams and faith prevail.
We can go there any time we wish to break loose,
The fact that we’re grown now isn’t an excuse.
It’s a place where chasing your dreams is never a crime,
If only we could live once upon a time…

My baby girl went to her Junior-Senior prom last weekend.

Isn't she purty?

These fab shoes are a comfy alternative to the 5" heels she usually sports.  Something between a tennis shoe and a ballet shoe.  They're pliable and comfortable.  They're sweetly feminine, in a soft pink color.  The bows are satin ribbon of silver with white dots.  Quirky, styling, and unexpected to wear with a satin, beaded gown.  I LOVE.

Groupe d'amateurs de style bal de St Joseph (l'├ęcole de Dieu.)

These are Maggie's favorite boys.  She's not only their Auntie, she's their favorite babysitter.

Now, all they need are tuxes!

A little aerobic exercise to get the nerves settled.  

A quick snapshot of Maggie with her little niece Emma. When Emma grows up she wants to be a Princess and live in a pink castle.  I think if she hangs around with Auntie enough it just might happen. They're off to a wishful start.

I think that fairy tales can still come true.  How about you?




Pam said...

Lovely! All of it - the dress, the shoes and especially the girl. I believe in fairy tales, too.

Jacinda said...

She looks so grown up! And beautiful :)

Jill said...

I'm a firm believer in fairy tales! I'm still convinced that I'm going to find "movie love" some day...

The pictures are lovely.

mimiomimi said...

Such sweet pics of Maggie! She does look so grown up. I miss you like crazy. How goes the wedding dress hunt?

NanaDiana said...

Oh- She is a gorgeous slip of a girl! She looks radiant- beautiful! And, I suppose you were all tears at seeing her all grown up and going to prom! I still believe in fairy tales after all these tired old years! Or is it fairy tails? Hmmm...Some little flit-fly around here seems to be tailing me all the time-I call her SweetCheeks!

I suppose the next big round of pictures we see will be bridal? Hugs to you my sweet CA friend! Keep the coffee on for me-you never know when I might really show up! xxoo Diana

mice_aliling said...

I want those shoes! And yes, I still believe in fairy tales and the romance. I am old-fashioned that way.

Debra said...

Dear Tia, what a magical wonderful post… from the poem (yes, I believe in fairy tales)… to the princess dressed in her ball gown (my daughter went to the prom this year too)… to the ballet/sneaker shoes
(where to find such comfy, fab shoes?)… to the smiling happy faces in these awesome photos… to your charming words… which tied it all together in one amazing package.

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Gorgeous, just like her Mum. I love those straps on the back of the dress!
We are doing dresses too on our end. Wedding date is July 31st. Oh, my.

bichonpawz said...

I still believe in fairy tales Tia! I think I always will!!! Isn't it amazing when we see our baby girls all grown up??? I still simply cannot believe that my baby girl is 25 years old. Where oh where does the time go??? Your daughter is beautiful...and I love her dress....and you did an amazing job with all the pics!!

Kellie Collis said...

It's fabulous! Yes, fairy tales do come true! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

keri said...

Gorgeous Baby Girl. You should be very proud. And she doesn't have to wear ridiculous heels to fit in.. Says a lot about who she is. Love it.. Love it.. Love it.