21 February 2012

Fat Tuesday Cottage Style

Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first. ~ Ernestine Ulmer

Last summer I wrote a post about life in my neighborhood Sauce Sunday's.  It was a super long post, and since I was pushing it, I promised to continue later because, I knew you would want to see the goodness that comes next. Its been a while but, I think you're gonna find it worth the wait when you see what's up.  It's glorious. "Food glorious food!" (Name that movie.)  This is my ode to Fat Tuesday because after tomorrow I'll be observing Lent and will be trying to abstaining from indulgences like these.  But until then - enjoy!

SWEET.  Chris makes every one of these baby cupcakes.  Each one is decorated individually with love.  I like to call this the pieze de resistance of cupcakes!

 As you can see, they go fast!  You have probably heard the saying, stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Coincidence, I think not!

If cupcakes aren't enough of a treat, or if cupcakes aren't your thing - phssst, Chris provides ice cream too.  One scoop or two?
My husband and kids think that without ice cream life would be chaos and darkness.

Because of the fact that I don't like ice cream, (don't judge me, my drug of choice is Jr. Mints), and I eat enough of those to keep the Hershey Company in business, I never would have thought of this embellishment.  Well, that and I'm not that innovative where food is concerned. But I almost changed my mind because of this creative idea.  Flavored syrups. It was a huge hit and now my own family is hooked and we have our own stash.  Unlike myself, my fam loves ice cream.

Now Hershey's syrup I can get behind; and under and over and beside and all over.  Have you ever had banana slices covered with Hershey's syrup and slivered almonds?  Excuse me, I'll be right back.  I just happen to have 3 fresh bananas and a ravishing appetite for sweets.

I'm back and fat, but HAPPY.

Lora Brody once said, "Don't wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty."  What a wise woman; and I wholly concur.

 Oh Chris, how I love thee and thy cupcakes.

For those who don't eat sweets.  I know, weird huh?  But if this is you, I wouldn't admit it. If you love me and you wanna be my friend, you must love sweets.  I never trust a person who doesn't eat sweets or love my dogs.  Just sayin.  

It's Fat Tuesday, so go make some baby cupcakes, have some ice cream on the side and watermelon isn't in season anyway - so just skip it.  

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Lenten Season in our church.  No more cupcakes for 40 days.  Ah well, there's always Sauce Sunday next summer.  Right Chris?  Right?  I know I'm right.  Right?

Here now, is your sunset for tonight.  Have I told you lately how much you all mean so much to me?  Your support and kind words are why I write this blog.  So please enjoy the sunset and may you all be blessed by the season, whatever it means to you.

Love ya more than cupcakes!




Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

oh I so want to move to your neighborhood.
I can make a mean cupcake (filled just like a hostess) and I make some great italian food....can I come?
And who doesn't like ice cream? c'mon Tia.
Ben & Jerry are the only 2 men I would leave my husband for!

Lynne said...

Fun and tasty looking images and now on to forty days and cupcake free!

danneromero said...

you live in a great place. fun and full of good treats... and a lovely skyline.

Anonymous said...

oh i look skinny! I LOVE CUPCAKES, but the real investment is in pie! look out for the next new pie shop by yours truely!
MAGPIE her self

Connie ❀ said...

Looks like you had fun ! Love chocolate-a lot.
I loved your picture of the sunset over the water.
Thanks for a peek at the cupcakes!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

I qualify to be your friend as CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES are my main thing, number one addiction, and total downfall every Christmas. I love sweets too. Your photos of the tray of mini cupcakes are great!