06 January 2013

Out With The Old-In With The New

What you see before you here are two (almost empty nesters).  We started out as just youngsters, raising our family 36 years ago.  One little baby led to two and then three, four and five.  In between those there were five foster babies and toddlers in the mix and we relished in our 'career' as the parents of a big boisterous family.

Now we are two oldsters, with six grandchildren.  We're tiiiiiiired as you can see as you can imagine.  It may take us 36 more years to recover, but we'll have a nice empty nest to do it in.   Our nest is getting roomier.  Or the rooms are getting emptier.  Or there is more room in our rooms.  Regardless, we now have room for you guys to visit us!

It's a new year and we rang it in with style.

This was our New Year's Eve view to the East.

This was our New Year's Eve view to the West.

I'm writing this from Illinois where I'm now taking my daughter to University.   I'm looking out at snow and it's 27 degrees.  The above two locations - I'll take either one.   No offense to those living in cold climates,  I'm just a big baby with cold issues or issues with cold.  I just know that I'm burrrrrr cold here in the Midwest!

Okay though,  I can get behind this.  This and many more literal and proverbial sunny hours, how about you?

Adieu 2012, can't say I'm sad to see you go.

Welcome 2013 and bring it on!

May you be blessed by all you do and everyone you meet and may you bless them too!  I hope you stay happy, healthy and w a r m!

Blessings to all in 2013.

Love you more than all the sand on the beach!


P.S.  More to come on leaving my youngest baby behind in Quincy, Illinois.   No one deserves it more than her!  Bahaaahahahahah.

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