11 January 2013

Our Goofy Girl Goes To College

Remember this Goofy Girl?  You can read about some of her antics over at the "Skateboard and Goofy Girl Post."
She's still skateboarding while multitasking, only she's doing it far, far, away.  Last weekend we took our grown-up beach Girl to University in the frozen tundra of the Midwest.  When we went into Orientation and came out again into that cold Illinois weather,  our water bottles were frozen!

Maggie and her Irish Twin Dylan, are the last of my five to fly the coop.  They were the cutest babies ever and just look at them as toddlers. This is a photo of their graduation from preschool.  Cute right?  That's how we like to remember them...because, oh, those teenage years — whew...

 My baby was born with one foot out the door.  She's always been my independent get me the heck out of this house, kid.

 Maggie, has a bucket list.  Number 14 had her off to the mall to sing in front of hundreds of people to win tickets to a Justin Bieber concert!

 Yep, she and her dad waited in long lines, got wrist bands and name tags, and then we waited in line again until it was her turn to shine, and our shy daughter was able to check off one of the things on her bucket list.  That's our "baby".

 Singing in public - CHECK!

 And she did it and did it well.  She's a super star.

She's pretty too.

Like, model pretty.

 She has two sisters.

And two brothers who love and miss her already.

She lives lived in a cottage by the sea, until she moved into a University dorm in the flatlands of the Midwest where it's burrrrr cold.  And she couldn't be happier!

Our girl never even looked back; and for a momma and papa who love their baby, to see her happy means we couldn't be happier!  Isn't that what we all want for our kids?  To see them happy makes our hearts soar. 

Maggie loves the pups and they love her.  After only a week they are still pouting around the house looking for her.  In and out of her room, especially at night, because she was their bunk mate.  Now they've been relegated to my studio upstairs for night-night time because, she's gone away to school hubby won't let the pups in our bed.

My baby loves babies.  She was the most sought after babysitter in our home town,  and the family she was nannying for before she left cried actual tears when she went away!  Besides that, they gave her a sweet tip.

 Maggie's nephews and nieces are really gonna miss her too.

 How sad is this?  This pretty princess looks blue about living without her Auntie nearby to play with her.

 Yep,  our Maggie is all about the babies.

 Big ones,

 Chubby ones,

And all the ones in between!  Abigail is not only Maggie's niece, she's her goddaughter too.

Maggie's friends old and new,  are gonna miss her and all her silly antics.  Her college friends have some good times coming their way!

 ???  Her nephew Cael is upside down with grief gonna miss her!

Hopefully the pups will lose their forlorn looks when spring break arrives.  I don't know if I can stand the sadness until then.  They kind of look how we all feel!

And Mags, if you're watching, thumbs up on that looong trip home.  So many people who love you will be waiting!

(You silly's - you didn't think I was finished yet, did you?)

Your surfboard misses you.

Your car misses you, although since it snowed in Southern California today you might say, it feels like it went to Illinois with you!

But all in all, and most of all, your Papa and Mommy miss you.

 Have fun in snow country making angels!

 I promise some sandy beaches and good surf when you come home.

And of course those gorgeous sunsets at our Cottage By The Sea.

I love you more than all the miles we're apart.

Bless your heart,


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