04 February 2013

Is It 2013 Or Am I Late?

Last Solana Beach Sunset of 2012
Where have you all been for the past month?
Where have I been?

Taking the baby to her new digs at University and getting her all checked in and cozied up.
How's that going you ask?
I'm fine, really I'm fine.
Whaaaaaaaaa!  No, mom's, it doesn't get easier.

Just let me keep you one minute longer...

It will only be 3 months, 2 days, 13 hours and 15 minutes until we see her again.
And our philisophy is, we only count sunny hours here at the beach cottage.

It shouldn't be that hard - we have lots of em.

Went to visit my daughter in Seattle last week.  Glad to be home to sunny skies but, Seattle rocks in its own special way.  More about that next time.  And until then,

Love you more than a mothers heart is always w a i t i n g.  



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