16 November 2013

Cottage Inspiration - Have A Seat

Well, hello there!  I'm so glad you stopped by today.  I'm writing a post about my two most favorite pieces of furniture at Cottage By The Sea.  This is not a sponsored ad, but someone from "One King's Lane" read my blog, and asked if I would write a post to help introduce their new Home Decor Resource page.  So I said to myself,  "self, why not?"  This is as good a chance as any for me to have you over to see the "inspiration chairs" I bought for my cottage many years ago.  They're still going strong and I only wish that you really could come by and sit a spell with me here.

Please darling's, have a seat right here in my "inspiration chair."  When we moved to our cottage I allowed myself one special indulgence before we moved in.  I saw them at a little shop nearby that sells everything cottage.  By that I mean, if you have a little cottage by the sea, you can find furniture, candles, linens,  robes, jewelry, vintage inspired lighting and even beachy rugs, perfume and earrings there!

And so of course I bought two.  They are obviously period chairs (don't know which one, but please, if you do, let me know!)  I'm guessing.  I know they are called wing-back chairs.  As you can see, they are covered in a glorious, vintage, chintz pattern.  I don't know how old they are because they were just recovered when I bought them.  The chairs are not exactly the same, note the arms and legs.  One has wooden legs which show (on the right,) and on the other, the material goes all the way to the floor covering the legs. The comfort always comes first, but the material, the color, and the feelings of sunshine, beach, and shabby chic are what drew me in.  Everything I was looking for.

My inspiration chairs saw me through the first original four years of cottage living, and have kept me in good stead for the four years since we remodeled.  My pups are the two whom sit in them the most.  Our sofa's are white therefore, the poor things must suffer greatly, not allowed up on them.  Don't feel too sorry though, as they will wiggle their way onto your lap until you must move right onto those white sofas and out of "their" chairs if you dare to sit on one.

It's easy to see why these chairs were my inspiration.  They are not only comfy and cozy to lounge in, they are the color of sunshine and happiness.  I know this to be true because I look at them in my cottage every day, and can feel sunshine and happiness emanating from them.  It's amazing what an inspiration chair will do for you.  When I first saw them I just knew it.  Their home would have to be my cottage.

How about this...
 My sunshine chairs are very comfy for snuggling with a baby.

See what I mean about those pups crowding you out?  It's happening right here.  You have no choice but to scoot over, really.  They were their first; just ask them.

That's better.  We'll sit on our chair, you snuggle from the side.  In our cottage this position is known as, "the delicious side cuddle!"

Sometimes when you are want to move your warm furry body off the inspiration chair,  like this gal here, someone might just pile the clean laundry that needs folding right on top of you!  Oh, woe-is-me…

Nursing baby?  No problem as long as you share the space.  Although you can tell from this pup's face that he's not too happy about it.  He's long suffering.

And once, we even let Santa Himself sit on our lovely, chintz, cottage lounger.  I hope there isn't a puppy underneath there.  Yikes!

As a matter of fact, this guy has discovered his secret hiding place.  When too many people are in his space, or he wants a quiet get-away, he just goes under the flap and has his own hide-out.  Sometimes he lets just  his head stick out, so he doesn't miss anything.  It is pretty exciting around our cottage.  You don't want to miss a thing!

As you can see, and I hope you have, I made a great choice for myself.   If I do say so myself.  And I do. {smile} These chairs are a cottage lover's inspiration.  They inspire me every day and bring just that much more sunshine into my life.  I hope my fabric cleaning guy never retires, because I'm keeping these babies forever.  And the puppies too.

You can experience lots more chairs if you hop on over to One King's Lane.  Their new home decor resource page has treasures galore for every taste.  If you're lucky, you might even find a vintage covered chair that inspires you too.  Good luck, it's gonna be worth it even if just for the eye candy.

It was a glorious sunset tonight.  Thanks for stopping by.

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