18 August 2014

Missing This Guy

 It's been way too long since I have read or written any blogs.  I think this happens to everybody, at least hobbyist's like me who just do this for fun not money.  Not keeping up on my blog writing, which has become a wonderful place to connect with friends, and to journal what's going on in my life,  and all my kids leaving the nest and not living at the cottage anymore, not for school, but for real life this time, has left me in a great big, giant, Redwood sized, FUNK.  My kids are not coming back from school or travel, except to visit from all their distant new homes in (Illinois, San Francisco, Seattle and Georgia, and the far North) well, North of San Diego about 45 minutes from here but, still.  Look above again at my little Finn.  Closer.  Doesn't that face just slay ya?  My expression looks the very same way right now.   I cry every time I look at this picture.  Why keep looking at it you say?  I' guess I'm trying to get all my tears out so that I won't have anymore and I can get on with my life.  What do you think?  Have you ever tried that remedy?  How'd it work out for ya?

 I had such a busy summer, including a working trip to Ireland for a month; my soldier coming home for the last time before deployment; and that's a whole other story, moving my eldest son to another state to start the career he worked so hard in college for,  and my youngest daughter, my baby,  got married .  I didn't see it coming.  I was too busy doing.  My daughter and her new husband went and took him with them to their new home.  Did I mention that?  Imagine!  How rude!  His face in the photo above, is how my heart feels.  Yep, and  about not keeping up on my blog writing.  And about my baby taking her baby away just as I was getting so attached I didn't really see how I could actually let her take him.  Did I mention that?  I have to keep asking because all this grief has boggled my mind and I no longer think straight.  That and I'm old.  No seriously,  the thought crossed my mind. Kidnapping that is.  But I'm pretty sure that is illegal, or immoral, or something starting with im.   Oh yeah, and after 37 years of parenting,  now it's for real. Now I have an empty nest.  I guess I'm lucky to still have my hubby, and he's kinda like a big ol baby, and he's liking empty nest just fine, so somebody around here is happy.   Look again up there at Finn's face, at his body posture.   Closer.    Can you feel my pain?  Please do, because I need to get rid of some of it.  Thank you, you've always been there for me.

Okay, enough.  This is supposed to be my happy place.  So...Attitude, it's all about attitude.  Bare, with me while a garner some.  Okay, mhhh, plaa, kuu, whaah, sob.  All done for now.  At least right this minute.

As I mentioned, I enjoyed a trip to The Beara Peninsula in the South of Ireland again this year.  The Rhododendrons were in full bloom.  They're everywhere and bigger than I've ever seen.  Quite a beautiful sight.

 This is the Dzogchen Beara Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Center in Allihies, West Cork.  I go there every time I go to Ireland.  I'm drawn to the sea, and the rural peace of this place.  If you ever get to this part of the country, please do stop in, or even stay.  Words can't express.

 This was about as cloudy as it got in Ireland in June of this year.  I do love rainy days there.  It's so perfect for cuddling-in, for long days of painting and writing.  This year the month of June was mostly, HOT though.  Just fyi; go to Ireland in May.  Lots of typical Irish weather and no crowds!

Well, this may be the shortest post I've ever written.  Until I recover my photos this is about all I can show you of Ireland.  Hang in there because the wedding pictures will be here soon and that will be a treat and my funk should be gone and maybe I can make you smile.  But for now, I'm gonna go look at the photo of sweet Finn one two three a few more times.

I won't let you go without a sunset though - so here it is.



Fletcher Cove Park

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Oh Tia,Finn is just yummy!!