02 January 2010

Come Take A Walk With Me Part 2 (Spanish Lesson Involved)

Last time we took a walk you loved it! This time we aren't walking on the beach though.  Wait!  You're still going to have fun.  This time we're going on the bridge because, I'm going to give you a lesson in espanol!  Yep.  That's just the kind of friend I am.  You've probably been reading all the smarty, intelligent, blogs with bulk and depth, like  "Conversion Diary"  and now you're ready to hang with me over on my light, fluffy, idyllic blog.  But I wouldn't want you just wasting time that is precious to you so... I'm making this an educational post.  Let's go!

Whale - ballena

This bridge is the fastest (and safest) way to get over the railroad tracks from one side of Pacific Coast Highway to the other.  (In my neck of the woods beach).  The bridge is made of colored cement with beachy type words written in both English, and Spanish (since Spanish is our 2nd language in Cali). Oh wait!  Go get your kids.  This is too tedious good not to use as a homeschooling opportunity.  You're welcome.

Tide - marea
Marea is sounds like Maria but is pronounced with the e sounding like an a and oh, forget it.  Onward.

surfer - surfista

Stock Image - surfer by the 
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clipartThere should be a photo of
a smokin' hot surfer here but, he keeps disappearing when I post.  If you can't see him, just try to imagine him - it might even be better!
You're welcome, again.

shark - Tiburon


lifeguard - salvavidas
Picture of Lifeguard - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.com

dolphin - delfin

Dolphin Pictures Gallery

ocean - oceano

starfish - estrella de mar

Okay, this isn't a starfish but, HOW COOL IS THIS!

starfish - estrella de mar

Wha?  Oh shoot, I fell asleep for a minute there.  What was I doing again?  Oh yeah.  Spanish lesson on the bridge.  Hey, Ty - Cael - Dayne - Nick - Emma - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!  Get back over here and pay attention!  I'm teaching you  Spanish here.

Shore - Costa

Beach - Playa

Shazamm!  There goes the train under the bridge.

Happy 2010 Everybody.

Maybe this is your year for a miracle!

Adiós y vía con dios



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Anonymous said...

Very cool! Minus the shark picture, which I am deathly afraid of! ;)