06 January 2010

Can We Keep Her?

Our neighborhood is very eclectic.  Every house is different, unique, and represents the individual style of the owner.  The folks who own this beautiful home, which overlooks the Pacific, have a view down the coast all the way to La Jolla. Recently they remodeled.  They started tearing out landscape, putting in new windows, and resurfacing walls and exteriors. This copper sculpture graces the front yard.  The booby woman (as my son likes to call her) has always been a source of wonderment and a topic of no little discussion every time we walk by.  Who is the artist?  Is it a woman or a man?  Where does she come from? Is there some deep meaning behind the fact that she has great big holes in her boobies breasts?  How old is she?  I'm garnering she's pretty young by the looks of her overt perkiness. What does she stand for?  Is there some deep meaning behind the fact that she has great big holes in her booby's breasts?  How about the little matter of that horse on her head.  Also, the horse is not in proportion to the woman.  Not complaining, just a note of interest.

Recent conversation between my teenaged son and I.

D:  "Mom, I went down to that house where the booby statue is today, and I asked the construction guys what they were gonna do with her."

Me: "Whaaaaat!"  "Which guys?"  "You said booby statue!"

D: "Yeah mom, and I asked them if the owners were gonna keep her because I had this great idea."

Me:  "OMG, son!" "You didn't."  "Tell me you didn't."  "Pleeeeeeeze."

D:  "What?"
 "Anyways mom, so the guy says they're taking her down but he'll ask the owner what they're gonna do with her and if they don't want her I can come back and get her tomorrow."

Me:  Mute.

D:  "Mom?"  "Mom!"  "So listen mom, how cool is this?"  "If they say yes, and I get to keep her, I'm gonna bring her home and we can put her beside our Jacuzzi and hook her up to the hose so water squirts out of her boobs right into the spa."

Me:  Mute... 

Remember when you asked your mom if you could keep her and it meant, a puppy?

Love you more than all the great ideas my kids have.




Helene said...

Oh. My. God. That is seriously one of the funniest things I've every heard (and seen, for that matter). You have to admit, though, that your son came up with a pretty creative way to utilize the statue!!

Jennifer said...

That is some statue! How funny. So did he get to bring her home?

mimiomimi said...

Okay, now that made me laugh out loud!!the visual of the"booby woman" with water squirting out of those holes (?) is just priceless. Also I have this picture in my head of your priest coming over for dinner and a walk around the place and you, trying to explain, her!! I'm thinkin this may be a whole new sideline for Gardner pool plastering. I mean in this economy you really can't afford to let any stone go unturned, or any booby go un-squirted!

Paige said...

Ok sean and I had a good laugh over that one. Sean soaid "great idea Dylan"!