27 January 2010

Why I Had Kids In The First Place

Today was Grandparents Day.  I love Grandparents Day!  On Grandparents day you are reminded of why you had kids in the first place.  So that someday you could have Grandkids.  I am blessed to have 5 of them (so far), and three of them are old enough to attend the same Parish school my own kids attended.

I've heard people complain that kids today have no respect for their elders. (Okay, that may have been me talking.) Today at the Parish School of St Mary, elders were given the utmost respect which included, a beautiful and holy mass,  a picnic lunch, awesome kid art as you will see in the following pictures, lots of hugs and kisses and tickles, and CAKE.  I think that Grandparents Day is my new favorite day!

Here is an example of my grandson Dayne's awesome art.  This is a picture he drew of his other grandma.  Her arms are not actually that short, but as she agreed, her hair looks amazingly similar to this.
Here's the thing though.  The kids all wrote why they love their grandparents.  I found that there was a direct correlation to love and food. Especially food which comes with a toy or food that is a sweet, treat.  Grandma Ger is beloved because she lets Dayne pick out candy at 7-11.  Oh man, I'm in big trouble here.  
I never buy them candy.  I don't even have soda at my house.

This picture is an exact rendition of Grandpa Pat, except that Grandpa Pat actually has a mouth full of very nice teeth.  I never noticed his neck was this long, but I guess I never looked that hard.  He does part his hair on the left and it is always combed down quite nicely.  Grandpa Pat belongs to Grandma Ger and I can now see that he is in on this whole food conspiracy as well.  It says here that, Dayne loves Grandpa Pat because he lets him eat his cashews.

I don't know this grandma but, apparently she gets the whole food=love=love=food thing.  I love my grandma because she makes food.  Well, who the heck knew?  I've been a grandma for 12 years now, so you'd think I would have learned this by now.  I feel like I just fell off the turnip truck or something.

I'm a tiny bit concerned that this grandma has low iron.  She's looking a little jaundiced.

I adore this little artists picture though, because it shows that grandma's come in all sizes.

These portraits make it perfectly clear that they come in all shapes too.  This grandma and grandpa are very tiny but shaped just alike.  It's obvious they were made for each other!

And here we have a brown grandpa.  So, there you have it.  Grandparents come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Grandparents are the BEST!  Even though some are stoned or blitzed,  happy or sad.

Here is a fine example of some of those hugs and kisses and tickles I spoke of earlier.  My husband loves nothing more than hugs, kisses and tickles, and I think Dayne kinda likes it too!

Emma got in on the hugs and kisses and tickles even though she doesn't go to school yet.  She got to come along for the ride and as you can see, she's got her grandpa wrapped right around her little finger!

My daughter used to write just like this kid, hence her name, T A R A, looked like this,  A R A T.
The moral of that story is she turned out just fine in the end.

Don't you think this is a pretty grandma?  She is also sporting a fabulous neckless.

Wowzer!  I thought Grandma Ger had great hair.  Look at this do.  I looked everywhere on the playground for this grandma.  I never did find her but, I know she exists and this picture is proof.  I'm also loving her earrings.

Here we are, Grammy and Papa, with three of our talented, artistic, handsome, sweet, funny, grandkids. And they're all stars at football/soccer/basketball too!  Oh, by the by, this picture is a real photo of us but we don't really look like this in person.  We look much more like the portraits the kids drew.

This is me.  Anybody will tell you that I look exactly like this in person.  Dayne captured my very essence here.  This is exactly how I feel at the end of every day!

But wait, hold on a sec.  Can you see what he wrote in his perfect little printing?  Let me translate that for y'all, and please note that it has absolutely nothing to do with sweets, or nuts or any kind of food that comes with a toy.  I love my grandma because she lets me play at the beach.  YESSSSSSSS!

But seriously Grandma Ger, if you're reading this, the cashews and the 7-11 runs have been duly noted. With you and me on their team those kids have got it all.

Now do you see why I love Grandparents Day?  Thank you St Mary School.  Thank you Tara and Ty and Cael and Dayne.  Thank you to all the priests, teachers, parents, and kids who made grandparents feel special today.

Oh, and here it is.  I told you we got CAKE!



P.S.  Grandma Ger - lets get together soon so we can brag about our grandkids some more.  Today was fun!


Joanna Jenkins said...

What a joyful post! The whole thing made me smile.

Happy Grandparents day. Thanks for sharing all the fun.

shani z said...

LOVIN it! amy combe and i were just sayin that grandparenthood has got to be the best phase of life...
and i always thought you had lucious lips- do daynes picture was spot on!

BUSH BABE said...

Can I just say how YOUNG you look to be a Grandma... and Happy Belated Grandparents Day. You have some artistic talent in the family!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! How fun! I love those pictures that the kids drew! :)

Anonymous said...

you are a GRANDMA? good grief, I need to buy some Oil of Olay or something STAT!

Helene said...

Tell me your secret!! You don't fit the typical "grandma" look!!

The pictures are amazing! I love when the kids draw pictures of me...and it's also fun to see how their drawings progress as they get older. I finally have a nose in the pictures they draw!!

Peterson Family said...

What great pics! I loved reading what they wrote and that they made sure that all the grandparents were different sizes, shapes and colors. I love little kid art!

Ann On and On... said...

I jumped over from SITS!

What a great way to celebrate people who are very-very important!

How sweet!

Happy Saturday.....

Jenny said...

What a lovely, happy post! I adore the pictures.

I am going to read your last post even though you are obviously a liar, liar with pants on fire.

If that is indeed you in the picture then there is no way you are old enough to have Grandchildren.

Much less children as old as the one skateboarding in black heels.

So, obviously that was your sister.

And these children are your children.


Trying to pull the wool over our eyes on our first visit here.


Pam said...

This is a wonderful post. I love those pictures and your descriptions of them are hilarious. And I must agree with the others, you must tell us your secrets. No way can you possibly be a grandmother to 5 children - the oldest of which is 12. Time to 'fess up!

Anonymous said...

I remember having Grandparents Day in middle school. And my younger cousins' had theirs not too long ago. We didn't get to draw super awesome pictures like that, though. I'm a smidge jealous. ;) Stopping by from W.O.W. Really loving your blog so far!