03 October 2009

Dirt Finito = CONCRETE = Progress

About the time we were getting really, really, tired of dirt.  Dirt being moved from one place to the other,
dirt being hauled out of the basement and yard and lower floor of the house.  So tired of looking at it, breathing it and taking pictures of it; countless hours of intensive labor - kudos to the many hardworking guys who have put in a bazillion hours surrounded by dirt.  And to Andy who is actually living in all that dirt.  Yesterday, we actually got to pour some concrete.  We passed the inspection and were able to pour 16 yards of concrete.  It was exciting.  It was awesome.  My husband loves concrete.  He loves cement of any kind.  He has taken classes and got certificates in concrete for hecks sake!  That is why he went into pool building.  That and because it enables him to wear short pants to work.  Dirt done, concrete beginning to be poured = progress.  His frown is starting to turn upside down.

Doesn't he kinda look like Saddam Hussein in this photo?  You know, when
they finally found him in the big hole he'd dug himself into.  Poor guy looks like
he's so dirt dog tired he may hang himself with that rope there.  

Did I mention how many millions of yards of dirt they took out of here?

Out from the bowels of the earth beneath, our cottage by the sea.

Via this tool

But then, this truck showed up.

These guys were awesome.  They were timely, thorough, informative, and they
let me help!

I love pouring concrete!  But you have to use all your girly muscles because this is
hard work. Someone had to come take over for me after about 2 hours minutes.
 I  can't be expected to do all the work all the time you know.

Tell me if I'm wrong but, this just doesn't look right.  The is a PG site for
goodness sakes.

This is Steve.  He is distributing and smoothing out the cement (footing).  He
has worked for my husband for a very long time.  He's helped build houses
for us, and pools for us.  He works hard and he is always smiling. I think he likes cement too.
You do a nice job with a good attitude Steve.  Thank you.

 The cement was mixed right here.  Clear up on the street, and then run through big
hoses all the way down, through a hole in what used to be the dining room and then
through a hole that used to be Cooper's room, through what used to be a closet, into
the basement.  And Superior didn't even make a mess.  They didn't let any muck or
mire go into the storm drain.  I checked.  Those guys were clean and tidy and they did
a great job!

Hold 'er steady there - that's a long ways down

This is the pumper truck. It's  mighty and macho.  The license plate says FATBOY. This wasn't
even the truck that did the mixing. This truck tow's the pump.  I was very impressed. Trucks aren't usually my thing.  Actually they are never my thing.
But I might change my mind after seeing this truck.

Do you see that hubcap Dennis?  That's a hubcap even a Fire Captain can appreciate!

And these guys are no shleps either.

The End.  At least for today.

Blessings to all,


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mimiomimi said...

What a job! I am so impressed. I think I will have my house torn down just so I can have something interesting to blog about. I posted this comment after the one about Emma so if it sounds out of order it is - also it is early and cold and I need to get dressed to go to jazzersize and I am looking for an excuse to stay in my jammies and if I keep writing I just might have found it. Truly, I love you blog. Love, Beck Oh and I am giving Emily (KC's) a lesson in making skirts like the one I made for Maggie, this week if you are interested, cause I'm sure you probably have nothing else to do!