03 November 2010

Just When I Thought I Was Losing My Mind

The beach was amazing in So Cal today.  The waves were perfect, the temperature outside a balmy 80 degrees and the sky was sunny and blue all day long.  Every day is a great day at the beach but, today was a particularly awesome one for many reasons.  For one thing, just when I thought I was losing my mind, I found it!

Uh, kids, you kids over there.  Tia has lost her mind.  Do you think you could help her find it?

She's been seeing things like this...
it's not even Halloween anymore!

There are things going on at the beach that she doesn't understand.

Keep in mind that she takes all her own photographs for this blog.

She's talking to herself in the 3rd person?

I'm still trying to win a Canon Rebel T2i from the Sits girls.  I just love those girls and their spiffy blog,  The Secret Is In The Sauce .

Go check them out and maybe you'll decide to  enter too.  Let me warn you though, if you are a once a week blogger like I am, and you suddenly have to write three (3) posts in one (1) week, in addition to all the other stuff you usually do, it's a dangerous prospect.  I now humble myself and resort to the only two tricks I have left in my bag.

First, always first, Prayer.

Prayer to St Anthony "Finder of Lost Things"

Dear Saint Anthony,
You are the patron of the poor and the helper
Of all who seek lost articles.  Help me to find the 
object I have lost so that I will be able to make
better use of the time I will gain for God's greater
Honor and glory.  Grant your gracious aid to all people
who seek what they have lost-especially (their minds)

especially those 

Who seek to regain God's grace.

-traditional prayer 
(with a twist)

My second, and last attempt at not compromising my entire blog content whilst trying to keep my sanity, write 3 posts in one week, and entertain with quality all at the same time would be to bring you a recap resurrected post from last year at this time which, I hope you will enjoy.

Wait!  Before you read it, I just want you all to know, I love you more than all the insanity created by the confusion of trying to win a contest.  And, oh and also, that if I win the Canon, I'll come take all your Christmas pictures for free.  Also, I promise to stay on track more and not take off to the beach in times of insanity.  I also promise not to involve little children in helping me to find my mind.  And, I'll take you to dinner.  I'll take you and your whole family too.  Disclaimer ahead: I'm hungry, so along with promises made on a shoestring out of desperation, don't believe anything I say.  Just go have fun at this post!



P.S.  One last thing.  Cause I do love you so.  Your sunset for today,  nighty, night.

Now that's what I'm talkin about!



NanaDiana said...

Oh...I am loving the sunset...almost as much as I love my crazy California dreaming girlfriend...you are nuts..but hey...there's nothing wrong with being nuts...and I like ya that way. I hope you win that stinking camera so you stop whining about it! And that's all I'm gonna say about that! Hugs- Your most wonderful Midwestern friend- Diana

deborah said...

Where else would you find your mind except at the beach? With such lovely weather, too, its raining here today and its cold! I do hope you win the camera, and keep trying, cause I just love your bloggy posts!

bichonpawz said...

I like you nuts too!! You are hilarious Tia!! Love all of your pics and sure hope you win the contest!!!

Karen said...

You lucky woman. :-)

GoldenValley50 said...

How could you NOT win that camera?? The Sits girls would be hard pressed to find someone who shows just so much DESPARATI....oops, I mean DESIRE! My dear Mum used to pray to Saint Anthony all the time and usually had tremendous success so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Love the sunset! ;)Sharyne

kel said...

Those are some awesome pics!!!!! Good luck in the contest!!

Girls with Books
Teen Bookshelf

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

good luck at winning the camera!! i think your blog is oh so entertaining sooo i really hope you win so we can see even more gorgeous pics!! if voting was allowed... you'd have my vote :)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

well - did ya win????

Amy said...

Wow, that ballerina looks strangly out of place, but it made for a beautiful picture! It's lovely!!!

University of Iowa Meg said...

Hi there! Visiting from the SITS page. Lovin' your blog. Super cute!! :) Can't wait to read more. XOXO- Meg

LBDDiaries said...

I want your sunsets. I have amazing sunrises but my sunsets are blocked by trees. I want yours, right now!! I guess I'll just have to enjoy them via pictures.