09 November 2010

Winner winner Chicken Dinner ~ Or not

II think those girls over at SITS forgot to tell me I won the Canon.  I haven't heard a word from them and I've been checking about ten times a day since the contest ended.  Girls... Oh SITsahs.  Who won the contest?  I'm right here ready to give you my address.  Or I can just come pick it up.  Let me know.

In the meantime, I know you are all enjoying your fall days.  We enjoy our fall here in So Cal but, there is nothing like fall where the leaves turn brilliant colors and fall off the trees, the air is so brisk that you have to close your windows at night.  I don't think I've ever been to any state in the fall when I didn't fall in love and want to move there.  All around, except for the dumb daylight savings time tradition, I love fall.  Everwhere!

Although our weather has been more summer-like than fall-like lately, I'm feeling it is only fair.  We kinda missed summer this year with the weather being foggy and drizzly and chilly.  At least to what my  standards of what chilly feels like.  That would be anything under 75 degrees.  I'm loving the mild, warm, winds which are called the Santa Ana's, that we have been having for the past two weeks.  It's anywhere from 75 to 85 at the beach and sunny, sunshiny, sunny.  Did I mention the sunshine?

Last night hubby and I stumbled over and had a glass of wine on our neighbor's patio.  No wait, we stumbled home.  We just sauntered over there in the first place.  I'm sharing these pics I took of the sunset because I love you so.  And because I have nothing else to write until those SITS girls send me my camera so I can get some more pics to write about.  If my little ol camera took these pics, it's either Gods doing, or the camera isn't as bad as I thought.  I think y'all know the answer to that.  But, just think what me and God could have done with a Canon Rebel T2i?

This left me speechless and that's not easy to do.

See that peninsula jutting out to see just down south?  That's the sparkling gem,  La Jolla.


God is good.

This is the scenery up north towards Cardiff By The Sea.  That's where I walk my pups.  There is a secret gate about a block from my house that leads down a little path lined with cypress trees.  It drops you right on this long stretch of sand on Pacific Coast Highway.  Cardiff By The Sea is one of the best places to walk your dog.  It's an "on leash beach" but, often, when its off season the beach is practically empty.  Also the lifeguards are put away for winter round here.  So, I can let my pups off leash to run and swim and chase the seagulls.

When the tide is out, you can stop and sup at at least 5 different restaurants right from your walk.  This,  including two right on the beach.  It's been known to happen.  It's a long walk.  Did you know that the amount of calories expended walking on sand for a mile is the equilivent of walking on asphalt for 24 miles?  I'm just kidding.  Sorry to get your hopes up.  RUDE!

See those tiny figures down there?  Those were the only people in the whole world on this strand of beach last night.  Who says California is over crowded?

And that's all she wrote.  You're welcome.

I am blessed, and blessings to you and yours, cause I love you more than all the beauty that is in a sunset.



House Revivals said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog! Your own renovation turned out beautifully. We didn't need to do a story pole, but were were limited, technically, to 35' total. We will just slide in on that one... So far, the city has been pretty accommodating to the beachfront owners -- and for that, we are appraised and taxed exorbitantly :). I am sure the day will come when all that changes (unless a tsunami takes us all out, first)!

Kat said...

Thanks for these pictures, they are gorgeous. How can anyone look at a sunset (or a sunrise for that matter) and doubt the existence of God? That first picture is just stunning. I know what you mean about visiting other places in the autumn and wanting to stay. But I guarantee if you stick around another month or so you'll be hightailing it back to the beach :) Kat

Karen said...

You must pinch yourself to wake up to that view every morning and BELIEVE it!.. Wow.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Aaah, just beautiful.
Thank you.

Amy said...

AHHH, glass of wine with the husband and neighbors on a patio overlooking that little piece of heaven?

Your everyday life is my dream vacation:)

ProjectHope7 said...

thanks so much for sharing those great photos. really needed that this am! I am only 10 mins away form some awesome beaches, but don't get there as often as I would love to. Opening up to your inspiring seaside photos this morning, quickly brought things back into perspective. Thank God... He creates artscapes unlike any earthly artist could! that's also why I love great photos... capturing daily images for eternity...what a blessing you have to live so close to the sea!
cathy b
pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com
@projecthope7 twitter

NanaDiana said...

Thank you! I felt like I was sitting there having a glass of wine with you...except that I am completely clear headed...and...welll...never mind. Your sunsets are beautiful We get to enjoy them over the Bay here and this time of year it is mellow and lovely...but cold...hate the cold...and I know winter is coming. Can I come and stay with you just until it is warm again? I won't eat much because I need to lose a few pounds so I would be the perfect guest...well, almost perfect....hugs xxoo Diana

bichonpawz said...

I really want to move to CA...more specifically...will you consider renting me a room? Ha! I just LOVE your views!!! LOVE those sunsets!!! And you live on the BEACH! It was 48 here today. Sigh.

Divorced LDS Woman said...

WOW! Your pictures are absolutely amazing! WOW! I loved them. :)

Divorced LDS Woman said...

Thank-you for your support and prayers. Woman of faith are so strong-no matter what religion they follow. Thanks for your strength. I am doing well now. My divorce has been final for a while and I am living a life I never intended, but it is my new reality, filled with new challenges, but much happier and the Lord has seen me through each and every step. Thanks again for your support. I look forward to following your blog and drooling over your gorgeous scenery!

Toyin O. said...

Beautiful pictures, what a great place to live.

parentingBYdummies said...

Funny. They've not emailed me about being the Canon winner either. I'm afraid of what that means for us! Thanks for joining us for Wordful Wednesday!

DustieBottoms said...

I'm pretty sure that I get the camera. It's only fair because you have the veiws. And white couches. I get to look at brown, and brown couches. That i don't even attempt to keep clean anymore, because well my 5 kids are slobs.

I love your blog.

Jenny said...

Ummm.... I feel kinda/sorta bad. I think I was supposed to pass that message along that you had won but the time might have ummmm.... kinda/sorta elapsed by now.

But, hey, on the bright side, these were some great pics anyway!

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

oh good... this post is working. i have been trying to comment on your latest post for the past few minutes, but for some reason it just refuses to let me! :)

beautiful pics as always... it definitely makes it easy to be thankful during this month of thanks! :) xx

LBDDiaries said...

Help me! I'm stuck. I came to visit and can't leave your blog!! I just keep finding more amazing pictures and funny posts. I think, 'OK, just one more for now..." and I'm sucked into another great post. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking!