13 November 2010

The McPups Do Sand

The McPups got to go to the beach recently.  When they're due for a good grooming, I take them to the beach.  When it's my turn to bathe them we keep to the sidewalk.  Don't judge me.  Have you ever tried to get the sand out of a cockapoo?  The sand just sort of gets under all that fur and sticks to them like a kid to a sucker.  But oh boy do these guys love the beach!  They love nothing more than to run full speed ahead in the salt air and spread their wings high.  Okay, not their wings but, they do pretend they're flying.  Their love of this sport is easily perceptible.  I know this, for I am the cockapoo whisperer.

Check out their ears.  Flyyyyyyying.

This, for the pups is doggy heaven.  There is nothing they love better than a romp on their favorite beach.  Their whole demeanor is so happy, it's entirely palpabilis.  For those of you whom do not speak Latin, (but who doesn't these days)? The pups' love of flying over the sand, chasing the waves and charging any poor seagull who gets in their way is palpable.  It's evident, it's tangible, why it's positively obvious.  Obviously!

Look closely, can you see his smile?  There is just nothing like a cockapoo when he smiles.  Look at his prancing feet.  Kieran St Patrick puts those Budweiser Clydesdales to shame with his happy dance prance.

I can run faster than you can; I can run faster than you can!

Pipe down you wee whippersnapper.  I'll see ya 77 in dog years to your 2 in human.  Hey, wait for meeeee.

Come baaaaaack puppies...  Come back to your cockatoo whisperer.  We have to go to the pet groomer and get all the sand out of your little, curly, hypoallergenic fur bodies now.  Oh how that woman hates me.

P.S.  To the little spell checker in my computer - Quit automatically changing COCKAPOO TO COCKATOO every time I write it!

Thank you.

Here is your sunset for tonight my dears.  Sleep well and sleep sweet.  The cockapoo's and I wish you many blessings.

Love you more than all the sand the groomer washed down the drain of her doggy spa sink.



NanaDiana said...

OH MY GOODNESS! When MyHero and I got married I had a Cockapoo named Smokey. He was the smartest dog we have ever owned by far...and SOOOO much personality. His name was Smokey and he would outsmart MyHero every night. We would go to bed and lay down (he slept on the foot of our bed) and he would give one deep WOOF. MyHero would tell him to shut up and he would WOOF a bit softer. This would go on for about 10-12 WOOFs, with Smokey woofing quieter and quieter with each one. Finally, MyHero would say quite loudly -SMOKEY NO MORE BARKING. Smokey would wait about 10 minuntes until he thought MyHero was sleeping and then he would do a quiet little "snort". I would laugh and he would belly crawl up and kiss my face and then walk down to the bottom of the bed and do one more little quiet woof! Funniest thing ever. After we lost him I would never allow myself to love another dog as much as I loved him...it was just too painful!

Your boys look like they are having a good time for themselves...and I assume you were walking them in your string biknini like you always do...and here all this time you thought people were looking at your dogs! Hugs-Diana

GoldenValley50 said...

Like your cockapoos our 2 "blueys" love nothing better than a romp along the beach as well. Only problem is - Mickey insists on "drinking" the sea water. Obviously your guys are a little more switched on! ;)Sharyne

deborah said...

Pure bliss for them! Lovely sunset, how wonderful to get to see that each and every evening!

Jenny said...

I love the way you think! And besides, the groomer probably relishes the challenge. I suspect she goes home and says, 'thank heavens it wasn't another boring grooming today...I had two sand-encrusted little..."

Loved this happy post!

Karen said...

What beautiful coats! And THANK GOD I don't have to get the sand out :-)

Kat said...

What great photos! They look like they are having so much fun. If the groomer fusses, show here these photos. She'll know it was all worth it :) Beautiful sunset, thanks for sharing! Kat

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful beach! Those are some happy pups right there! I don't judge you one bit... I'd do the same thing... haha!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

BONNIE K said...

I HATE that when the computer thinks it knows what you want to say and it is wrong! How wonderful to see the joy in these animals. I love it.

bichonpawz said...

THAT really IS doggy heaven Tia!!!

I LOVE how they are PRANCING along and SMILING!!!

I bet the groomer wasn't smiling though...

Smart girl you are taking them to the beach just before the groomer!!

You live in heaven my dear!!!

Amy said...

I recently had the pleasure of running 3 miles down the beach in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The sand is different compared to our gulf coast beaches. The firmness was perfect for a good run.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how many dogs were out there. I am not really a dog person, as I have never owned one. But watching those happy little souls run in the surf brought me such joy.

I later informed my husband that when we retire to the beach, I will need a dog companion. You know...to get me through my empty nest phase;)

A cockapoo seems like a good breed to me!

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Lovely dogs. They look like they enjoy the beach. Great photos too.

LBDDiaries said...

The McPups are beautiful! I want them almost as much as I want your sunsets. I appreciate you sharing your world with us land-locked landlubbers!