20 November 2009

22 Things I Know About Kate

This is my Kate

Remember my post, "22 Things I Know About Andy?"  Well, now I'm going to tell you 22 things about my daughter Kate.  Because it's almost her birthday.  And she won't be home for her birthday this year for the first time in 22 years.  Not only that but, this year her birthday also falls on Thanksgiving which is my favorite family holiday. And I miss her like crazy.  And if I talk about her it will make me shed copious tears from missing her help me to think of her in a happy way all day!  So as they say in Italia, "Andiamo!"  Let's go!

1.    Kate hates puppy kisses
2.    Her favorite color is yellow
3.    She is very intelligent and a good reader and writer
4.    She loves the beach
5.    She's  beautiful on the inside and out
6.    She has naturally curly hair which she constantly tries to tame into submission
7.    She's thinking about being a personal trainer when she grows up
8.    She is the quintessential California Girl
9.    She's an avid reader
10.  She is faithful
11.  She's fiercely competitive
12.  She is an unaccomplished ironer.  Do not, I repeat, do not let this girl near your iron
13.  She's a terrible baker.  If you're looking for brownies ask someone else
14.  Flip flops are her favorite shoes
15.  She's generous
16.  She takes her coffee (Starbucks) seriously
17.  She is knowledgeable about her religion and observant of its sacred traditions
18.  She loves, loves, loves the sitcom Arrested Development and can quote almost every line
19.  She has an infectious giggle
20.  She doesn't carry a purse
21.  She likes fog but hates rain
22.  She is a good driver

Okay, so it's going to be 30 things about Kate but I'm on a roll here!
23.  She is gentle, a good friend and has a tender heart
24.  She loves scary movies
25.  She is polite and well mannered
26.  Her favorite sweet is Peanut M&M's
27.  Her favorite food is Sushi, California Burrito's from Roberto's, Tex Mex
28.  She loves lacrosse, soccer, surfing, bike riding, working out and tennis, not necessarily in that order
29.  She's a vacation crasher
30.  She's shy
31.  She adores her family
32.  She's in love

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