03 November 2009

Dirty Dogs-A Girls Best Friend

These are my cockapoos.  They go everywhere I go.  When I walk over the bridge to the cottage to take pictures, to document the progress of our remodel, these guys are in charge. They feel just like I do.  They say (to themselves), I can't wait to get back to my old neighborhood!

They lead the way.  They are COCKAPOO'S.  They think they're a herd.  A team.  They step right out in front because, cockapoos aren't followers - they're leaders.

They inevitably lead me here.  Remember this?  D i r t.  When we go to the cottage, it is no longer a landscaped garden full of beautiful tropical plants and brightly colored flowers.  There is no landscape, no softscape, no hardscape.  For now.

Sniff... all gone.  For now, presently but, not for long.  Because we have plans.  House plans and landscaping plans.  And the cockapoos - they couldn't care less if they are standing, sitting or lying in dirt.

Cockapoos are loyal and trusting but, cockapoos have very short memories.  That's why they are so forgiving.  

That's right.  This is what happens when you lead yourself into dirty places.  When you off-road, you have get to go to the spa.

Now it's time to get out the big guns.  It's time to call in the EXPERTS!

Although this is beyond my imagination, because if it were me going to the spa, where experts take care of your every need, I would be grinning ear to ear.  And although I try to keep this blog upbeat and positive, I try to speak the truth.  The cockapoos always speak the truth.  They just say (to themselves), the truth.  And the truth is... This is what the cockapoos think about going to get a bath at the spa.

Awwww.  Now look at that!  That is one clean, soft, perfumeee, puppy.

And, here's another one.  So freshly coiffed and beautiful.  And forgiving.  They never hold it against me when I take them to the spa.  They are as happy to see me as ever.  Their little tails wag so hard, their entire body gets into the act.  I walk them to the spa but, I always drive when I pick them up.  Because when a cockapoo is clean, it is short lived.  Especially when you live at the beach.  Especially when you live at the beach and are remodeling a cottage which is surrounded by d i r t.  So they must be chauffeured home.

I am a Princess.  I am a Queen; the most beautiful queen in the world.

Besides, like every good story, there is a happy ending.  These guys are my bestest friends.  I've got to keep on their good side.  So when I pick them up from the spa, they get a big, fat, healthy, organic, doggy treat.  And once again - our love is a beautiful thing and we all live happily ever after.  Sigh...


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