07 November 2009

Happy National Maggie Day

Many of you may not know that today is, "National Maggie Day".  We are hoping to go International so, mark it on your calendars.  Annually, on November 6th in honor of NMD, you get to take the day off school, stay home from work, extend your playtime, or get an early parole, whichever applies most to you.  Hey! I don't know your life!

This picture depicts my little dumpling at the age of 9 months.  That's when she had her first beer.  That's also when she had her last beer.  What? Yeah, I didn't think you said anything.  So anyway-

One year ago today, Maggie declared it NMD in honor of getting her braces off.  (Thank you "Hydo and Rawlings").

I'm always up for an adventure and cutting school so, we took the day off.  We went shopping and had a lovely luncheon outside on the patio of our favorite restaurant.  We looked in the mirror.  We looked in the mirror at Maggie's beautiful new smile. We looked in the mirror at Maggie's beautiful new smile a lot.  Because that is just some of the fun stuff you get to do when you celebrate this chick on NMD.  And whether you have your braces on or off just looking at this silly girl is gonna make you smile.  

Come on, I dare you not to smile.

Told ya.  She's always up to something and I try to act all sincere and stern and mother-like.  But it never works.  It's just a matter of time before I crack.

Did you know you can take a picture of yourself in the mirror?  Well, it's obvious I guess.  I just never would  have thought of it but, this one and all her friends do it all the time.  Nice self portrait.

This is Maggie and I on our shopping trip.  We are in the dressing room.  I am organizing the clothes she has chosen to try on.  Can you see she is running her tongue over her teeth?  That's what you do 10 billion times when you get your braces off and you finally get to feel the smooth, straight face of your newly straightened teeth.  That, and take pictures of yourself.  Maggie, Maggie!  Pay attention, we're picking out new clothes here.  Ohhh, sometimes!  The attention span of a teenager.

Girls can be silly.  Especially this one.

She also has a wild streak of sorts.

And she likes to pretend she doesn't like her Papa. It's a requirement for the normal psychological growth of a teenage girl.  I read it in a book somewhere, and then I lived it.  Three times... with Tara, Kate and Maggie.
Maggie has the three P's down.  Pouty, punky, and pissy.

But sooner or later, she always turns back into her real self and she's precious.

Mag's is also funny.  And her favorite thing to do after mass on Sunday morning is to settle in with the Funny Papers.

She can also be moody.  Sometimes moody can be alluring.  She's all long arms and legs too, so she's the perfect subject to model when her brother needs photos for his portfolio.  Plus he gets her to work for free.  Well, he might have to buy her a donut.  Donuts are her favorite food.

Very expressive and artistic wouldn't you agree?

But as for me, in my humble, motherly, opinion-

But what I love the most, is this smile.  I just love it when she smiles.  Especially if I am the personal recipient of that smile.

But any way you look at it, this one is a gift.  She's a personal gift from God every single day.

Thank you God!

Oh, and by the by, just so you know. 

If you cut back on the beer, you can go from this...

To this, in just 16 short years!

Happy National Maggie Day everyone!

Love & Blessings,


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