14 November 2009

Want To Take A Walk With Me?

Hi Everybody!  I went on a beautiful walk on the beach at low tide today. I just have to share it with you.  Besides, if I journal it, I get to live it all over again. So come on, you're going to love it.

It was a balmy 71 degrees in my little part of the world today.  And I like it fine.

Sometimes I'll hear someone say, "Sure it's nice weather and all but, I really miss the seasons."  Hmm.  Or,  someone will comment, "It sure doesn't feel like the holidays if there is no snow." Hmm.  I've also been told, "I don't mind living here but, I miss all the colors when the leaves turn." Hmm.

These are the cliffs at a place near the cottage called, Tide Water.  Now don't those colors just say, FALL.

I'm just playing with my camera here but, I think this is beautiful in any color!

Today I walked on these Beaches.  (If you click on the underlined word beaches, it will take you to a url which, if you click again will take you to a cool sight about San Diego Beaches, including this one!)  When you want to come back here, just click on the back arrow at the top left of your page).  This walk I took today starts just below my cottage and it's my very favorite thing to do.

The Tide pools here are absolutely amazing.  They are ancient and yet ever changing depending on the tide.  

These are my little walking feet.

Walking on the beach you see a million different patterns in the sand.  Every step you take is different and depending on who has gone before you a trail is made.  It is different every time, and every now and again the entire canvas is washed clean and everything starts all over again. I love start overs, don't you?

Check it out.  Awesome, right?

Gods own scribbles.

In Idaho, in Ireland and in San Diego, these river/beach rocks get me every time.  I love the colors and the textures and even the weight when I hold them in my hand.

This is one of the small caves in the cliff at Tide Water.  I once saw a Sea Lion in there!

 Stairway to Heaven.  With kudos to Led Zeppelin.

The tide is coming in now, and the sun is setting in my little corner of the world, so we have to head on home.  I hope you enjoyed walking with me on this fall day.  Come back anytime and we'll do it again.  No, really.  Come on back.  You can stay at the cottage.  Yeah you, all of you!  I love company!

I don't know this guy but, I love his exuberance for life!  And his nifty glow-in-the-dark wetsuit, ipod holder, beach gear.

After our walk, on the way home, after I had spent the past hour and a half chit chatting and taking 4,213 photos, my sweet husband, in his quiet, understated way, looked over at me and said, "I thank God every day...""

"For the guy who invented digital cameras."

And now, after reliving my favorite walk, on my favorite beach,  just for you, a little song from my all time favorite movie.  The sun has gone to bed and so,      must ,     I     .....     Goodbye,  goodbye,  good byeeeeeeeee..............

Until we meet again remember, I love you more than all the grains of sand and all the colors in a fall day at the beach.

November is the perfect month to be counting your Blessings no matter where you are,


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