31 October 2009

10 Surefire Ways To Know It's Fall At The Beach

Many people, mostly those who hail from anywhere that it snows in autumn ask, "How do you even know when it's Fall in California? Especially when you live at the beach."  

 Ten  Surefire ways  know it's a fall evening at the cottage.

1.    You just ate a big bowl of vegetarian chili from the crock pot.

2.    There are surfboards, beach towels and (this is key to knowing it's fall) wetsuits all over the front

3.    The smell of cinnamon and cloves is wafting from the hot cider on the stove.

4.    The doorbell periodically rings and there are fairy princesses, spider man and cowboys at the door.

5.    There's a warm dog curled up on your lap.

6.    Even though the windows are open, there's a fire crackling in the fireplace.

7.    Football is on the television.   

8.    It's the end of the day and I've taken my bra off.  Oh, come on!  It's 8:30 P.M. for Pete's sake.


9.    Everything outside is green except the pumpkins and the fall leaves I bought at the craft store.

10.  The kids are fighting over the computer.  Oh wait, that's all seasons.




Love you more than the harvest moon.

Waaay up there.



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