15 November 2010

Cheers And A Toast From The Cottage

My new favorite blog is, " Goodbye 20's... Hello Botox!"  Funny, because I am, oh so past, being able to get any help from Botox or being in my early 30's.  Amy, who writes the blog has a great sense of humor, and always makes me laugh and reminiss about raising young'ens.  Besides that, her husband brings her coffee in bed every morning so she must be doing something right, right?   Amy writes a witty blog that I enjoy and suggest y'all check out right here at http://amydeclouet.blogspot.com/

Being from the Irish and all, I take every opportunity to make a toast.  Tonight my toast at sunset comes from Fletcher's Cove ~ May this season be a blessed and amazing ride for my bloggy friend Amy and her family, especially that adorable little boy with the huge smile and sparkling eyes.  So, on nothing short of a perfect fall evening in California,  from us down here at the beach at sunset, "CHEERS AMY!"



13 November 2010

The McPups Do Sand

The McPups got to go to the beach recently.  When they're due for a good grooming, I take them to the beach.  When it's my turn to bathe them we keep to the sidewalk.  Don't judge me.  Have you ever tried to get the sand out of a cockapoo?  The sand just sort of gets under all that fur and sticks to them like a kid to a sucker.  But oh boy do these guys love the beach!  They love nothing more than to run full speed ahead in the salt air and spread their wings high.  Okay, not their wings but, they do pretend they're flying.  Their love of this sport is easily perceptible.  I know this, for I am the cockapoo whisperer.

Check out their ears.  Flyyyyyyying.

This, for the pups is doggy heaven.  There is nothing they love better than a romp on their favorite beach.  Their whole demeanor is so happy, it's entirely palpabilis.  For those of you whom do not speak Latin, (but who doesn't these days)? The pups' love of flying over the sand, chasing the waves and charging any poor seagull who gets in their way is palpable.  It's evident, it's tangible, why it's positively obvious.  Obviously!

Look closely, can you see his smile?  There is just nothing like a cockapoo when he smiles.  Look at his prancing feet.  Kieran St Patrick puts those Budweiser Clydesdales to shame with his happy dance prance.

I can run faster than you can; I can run faster than you can!

Pipe down you wee whippersnapper.  I'll see ya 77 in dog years to your 2 in human.  Hey, wait for meeeee.

Come baaaaaack puppies...  Come back to your cockatoo whisperer.  We have to go to the pet groomer and get all the sand out of your little, curly, hypoallergenic fur bodies now.  Oh how that woman hates me.

P.S.  To the little spell checker in my computer - Quit automatically changing COCKAPOO TO COCKATOO every time I write it!

Thank you.

Here is your sunset for tonight my dears.  Sleep well and sleep sweet.  The cockapoo's and I wish you many blessings.

Love you more than all the sand the groomer washed down the drain of her doggy spa sink.


09 November 2010

Winner winner Chicken Dinner ~ Or not

II think those girls over at SITS forgot to tell me I won the Canon.  I haven't heard a word from them and I've been checking about ten times a day since the contest ended.  Girls... Oh SITsahs.  Who won the contest?  I'm right here ready to give you my address.  Or I can just come pick it up.  Let me know.

In the meantime, I know you are all enjoying your fall days.  We enjoy our fall here in So Cal but, there is nothing like fall where the leaves turn brilliant colors and fall off the trees, the air is so brisk that you have to close your windows at night.  I don't think I've ever been to any state in the fall when I didn't fall in love and want to move there.  All around, except for the dumb daylight savings time tradition, I love fall.  Everwhere!

Although our weather has been more summer-like than fall-like lately, I'm feeling it is only fair.  We kinda missed summer this year with the weather being foggy and drizzly and chilly.  At least to what my  standards of what chilly feels like.  That would be anything under 75 degrees.  I'm loving the mild, warm, winds which are called the Santa Ana's, that we have been having for the past two weeks.  It's anywhere from 75 to 85 at the beach and sunny, sunshiny, sunny.  Did I mention the sunshine?

Last night hubby and I stumbled over and had a glass of wine on our neighbor's patio.  No wait, we stumbled home.  We just sauntered over there in the first place.  I'm sharing these pics I took of the sunset because I love you so.  And because I have nothing else to write until those SITS girls send me my camera so I can get some more pics to write about.  If my little ol camera took these pics, it's either Gods doing, or the camera isn't as bad as I thought.  I think y'all know the answer to that.  But, just think what me and God could have done with a Canon Rebel T2i?

This left me speechless and that's not easy to do.

See that peninsula jutting out to see just down south?  That's the sparkling gem,  La Jolla.


God is good.

This is the scenery up north towards Cardiff By The Sea.  That's where I walk my pups.  There is a secret gate about a block from my house that leads down a little path lined with cypress trees.  It drops you right on this long stretch of sand on Pacific Coast Highway.  Cardiff By The Sea is one of the best places to walk your dog.  It's an "on leash beach" but, often, when its off season the beach is practically empty.  Also the lifeguards are put away for winter round here.  So, I can let my pups off leash to run and swim and chase the seagulls.

When the tide is out, you can stop and sup at at least 5 different restaurants right from your walk.  This,  including two right on the beach.  It's been known to happen.  It's a long walk.  Did you know that the amount of calories expended walking on sand for a mile is the equilivent of walking on asphalt for 24 miles?  I'm just kidding.  Sorry to get your hopes up.  RUDE!

See those tiny figures down there?  Those were the only people in the whole world on this strand of beach last night.  Who says California is over crowded?

And that's all she wrote.  You're welcome.

I am blessed, and blessings to you and yours, cause I love you more than all the beauty that is in a sunset.


03 November 2010

Just When I Thought I Was Losing My Mind

The beach was amazing in So Cal today.  The waves were perfect, the temperature outside a balmy 80 degrees and the sky was sunny and blue all day long.  Every day is a great day at the beach but, today was a particularly awesome one for many reasons.  For one thing, just when I thought I was losing my mind, I found it!

Uh, kids, you kids over there.  Tia has lost her mind.  Do you think you could help her find it?

She's been seeing things like this...
it's not even Halloween anymore!

There are things going on at the beach that she doesn't understand.

Keep in mind that she takes all her own photographs for this blog.

She's talking to herself in the 3rd person?

I'm still trying to win a Canon Rebel T2i from the Sits girls.  I just love those girls and their spiffy blog,  The Secret Is In The Sauce .

Go check them out and maybe you'll decide to  enter too.  Let me warn you though, if you are a once a week blogger like I am, and you suddenly have to write three (3) posts in one (1) week, in addition to all the other stuff you usually do, it's a dangerous prospect.  I now humble myself and resort to the only two tricks I have left in my bag.

First, always first, Prayer.

Prayer to St Anthony "Finder of Lost Things"

Dear Saint Anthony,
You are the patron of the poor and the helper
Of all who seek lost articles.  Help me to find the 
object I have lost so that I will be able to make
better use of the time I will gain for God's greater
Honor and glory.  Grant your gracious aid to all people
who seek what they have lost-especially (their minds)

especially those 

Who seek to regain God's grace.

-traditional prayer 
(with a twist)

My second, and last attempt at not compromising my entire blog content whilst trying to keep my sanity, write 3 posts in one week, and entertain with quality all at the same time would be to bring you a recap resurrected post from last year at this time which, I hope you will enjoy.

Wait!  Before you read it, I just want you all to know, I love you more than all the insanity created by the confusion of trying to win a contest.  And, oh and also, that if I win the Canon, I'll come take all your Christmas pictures for free.  Also, I promise to stay on track more and not take off to the beach in times of insanity.  I also promise not to involve little children in helping me to find my mind.  And, I'll take you to dinner.  I'll take you and your whole family too.  Disclaimer ahead: I'm hungry, so along with promises made on a shoestring out of desperation, don't believe anything I say.  Just go have fun at this post!



P.S.  One last thing.  Cause I do love you so.  Your sunset for today,  nighty, night.

Now that's what I'm talkin about!


01 November 2010

Gimmie That Camera!

Hey Friendly Friends (and all others still just hanging-in),

I'm still trying' to win that Cannon Rebel T2i.  All you have to do is wish me luck.  Even if it's deep inside your head, or heart, or even your fingernail.  Eww.

 The Sits Girls, especially that pretty one Tiffany, will choose the winner at random.  I'm not usually this good at kissing booty but, I really need want that camera!  So today I am linking up with my Sistahs and bringing to you, something we made for the holiday.

Our main chef (as for all things baked 'round here) was Maggie.  She made her godmothers recipe for cut out cookies.  The frosting is so fabulous and Maggie made all sorts of Halloween and autumn shapes like, pumpkins, leaves, witches, a foot and a dinosaur?   Quirky, quirky, quirky, I tell ya.  Check out some of her antic, it will leave you with a smile, guaranteed!

Yummy.  Creative.  Yummy.

We had our neighbors in for our annual Supper and Cider (spiked with Captain Morgan) celebration.  We handed out candy to lots of very cute little fairies and super heroes and when they started to wane, Maggie and her friend Regan just started chasing random children down the street and forced candy upon them.  Quirky.

Now I shall share with you Aunt Terri's recipe for the best cut out cookies eveah!  Because I love ya, and because I just have to win that camera.  Seriously.  I do.

Come to Mama you little Cannon, with two lenses, included!

Terri's Recipe for Cut Out Cookies

1 cup butter (cold)
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
3 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp salt

Refrigerate for a couple of hours and then work with dough quickly because the colder you keep it the fluffier the cookie.  We keep the part we aren't using in the fridge until we're ready to use it.

Roll out and use cookie cutters (we prefer feet and dinosaurs {smile}

Bake @ 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes


Beat 2 egg whites
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
dash of salt until stiff


2 tsp vanilla

Gradually beat in 3 cups confectioners sugar until peaks form.  Divide into 5 bowls; color four and leave one white.  Now, get to using your fabulous skills and decorate!

Enjoy, and thank you Terri.