24 September 2014

Come With Me, And Be My Love

Fling open the Chapel doors, the day has come.  This summer our youngest daughter Maggie, married her love, in a small ceremony with only their beloved families present.  She's kinda shy and her choice was to have an intimate, morning wedding but, she said I could give you a sneak peek!   I invite you now to share with Maggie and Ian, their special day.

This is My commandment:
Love One Another As I Have loved You
John 15:9-12
Yet another daughter to wear the neckless which has been in my husbands' family and worn by all brides from his great grandmother on down.  I'm a sap for tradition.

I just love weddings.  There are so many special moments, like this one.  Some love and wishes for a happy life, from her big sister before she walks down the asile.  These two are  my eldest and my youngest.  Maggie is so lucky to have older sisters to follow in marriage.  She will be able to glean advise, and to watch and learn from good examples of marriage in action.  I'm so proud of my daughters, the women they are,  and the men they have married.

"Love those who love you"
  Emily Bronte
When Maggie was three years old, she was her big sister's flower girl.  Now her big sister's 3 year old, Abigail Rose, was Maggie's flower girl.  Isn't it amazing how sometimes life seems to go in a big circle, holding so many precious moments.

Our little Chapel of The Nativity is a place of repose, close to the heart of the Father.

Remember this post when Maggie wore her new heels?  Double click on the underlined text and you can read all about it.  Well, she's still a goofy girl, this time sporting bright yellow heels on her wedding day.  (Sans skateboard!)

That's our girl!  Always her own person, with her own style and she loves her heels.

Across the courtyard, and Daddy starts the journey to walk his daughter down the aisle.  This is the part where I always cry.  His baby girl has become a woman now.  I know he was thinking of all the memories- of bedtime stories, lifting her high in his arms to put the angel on the Christmas tree,  drying away tears when her heart was broken,  riding roller coasters at Disneyland with their arms flying high in the air, telling her she's beautiful, praying that the man she's chosen to marry will love her as much, take care of her as well as he did.

 First Communion as Man and Wife.

Monsignor Purcell, our family priest,  read the vows, and the bride and groom looking lovingly into each other's eyes said,
"We do."

Then they sealed it with a gentle kiss.

 The new Mr. and Mrs. with their Mimi - The matriarch of our family.

Ian's parents and family are a blessing.  They raised a fine young man and are also a great example to the young'ns.  We have an even bigger family now!  Welcome Lawson Clan.


Oh, it's so hard to give your little girl away; no matter how wonderful a match they make.  Waaaaaaaaah.

But look how radiant her smile is...look at the sparkle he has put in her eyes.
Direct your children on the right path,
and when they are older, they will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

Irish Wedding Prayer

May the raindrops fall lightly on your brow
May the soft winds freshen your spirit
May the sunshine brighten your heart
May the burdens of the day rest lightly upon you
And may God enfold you in the mantel of His love.

Maggie Colleen,

I gave you my roots
I give you my wings
Fly baby girl
And always remember who you are.

I love you more than all the miles you drove to get to your new home.


And as for y'all - come back soon because next post I'm taking you to the reception to celebrate, eh!



09 September 2014

Afraid To See A Full Grown Man In a Speedo, Then Don't Open This Post

Last weekend my son came home for his last leave from the Army before he is deployed.  He's trying to make the most of family time and his favorite hobbies.  The guy loves to body surf, so on Saturday, we went down to a the very first international body surfing competition at The Wave in Mission Bay.  The park is a 30,000 foot outdoor venue which includes 'The Wave' and an 8 foot  Flow Barrel called Bruticus Maximus.

This flipping white horse is 8' at the barrel.  It can be a rogue wave or like being thrown into a washing machine, depending on your ride.  A typical California wave in the ocean in the summertime is about 3 feet depending on the conditions so this shows you how rogue this wave is.

There's Dylan about to take his first wave in the practice run for the competition called, "Straight Out Of Whompton".  Don't ask me why its' called that, because I have no idea.  Number one, what is Whompton?  Number two, why would anyone want to take an 8' wave for ANY reason?  I know not.  I do however know why it was a blast to watch.

Let me explain.  Although in a way no explanation is necessary.  Seventy guys competed in nine heats making it a long, fun, summer day of California party on the beach!  During the trials they competed in red, white and blue speedos.  But then, during the heats they competed in whatever they wanted.  Extra points were given if you did tricks, flips, or any kind of showmanship.  My son got one extra point for each heat he competed in these 'budgie smugglers'.  I don't even know where he got them - they came in the mail.  Sketchy you say?  Yup, the internet opens up all sorts of opportunities these days.

 I LOVE where I live!

Mission Beach in San Diego, California.  A party all the time.

See way over to the left, that little red cap?  That's the way you hope you don't end up when you hit the barrel.  This is when you feel like you've been thrown into a washing machine and will end up at the chiropractor the next day.  Guys dislocate their shoulders and God knows what happens to their heads and spines.  But dude, it's fun!  The toys in the foreground are just a few of the things the surfers may use to lend a bit of showmanship to their ride.  Dylan used the shark on one ride, as if the grape smuggler wasn't enough!

Now this is how you want to enter the barrel.  Some body surfers can enter the wave and then reappear from it in their original body surfing pose on their side, feet straight out, one hand over the head, kinda like a yoga pose.  It's called the Chicken Wing.  You get a lot of points for that one if you do it right.

So now you know what we did with our weekend.  Don't blame me if you were offended by the banana hammock speedo (I warned you) but, you went there anyway.  You may want to ask yourself what that says about you?  I know I'm asking what this post says about me!

Love you more than all the fun we had last weekend at The Wave.