28 April 2010

My Baby, My Child, My Friend

Last night I learned that this Child Of My Heart is grown up now, even though she'll always be my baby.

Last night I had a heart to heart with her.  I called her just to talk. I miss her because she's away at Uni - all the way in Texas!  It's usually me supporting her, you know, with all the typical mom talk.  But, I was the one in need this time.  I tried not to "go there" because I hate to burden my kids with grownup stuff.  The time will come soon enough for that.  On this night, I just couldn't be the strong one.  I needed a friend.  A friend who knows me and my heart.  So I spilled it.  My baby girl listened.  She listened and listened.  She supported me and she encouraged me and her words dried my tears.  She said all the right things and helped me to see more clearly. She said the stuff that once, I may have said to her. She loved me unconditionally, with absolutely no agenda.   Last night, she became more than just my baby girl.  She became my friend.  

I'm not the type of mom who is their son's or daughter's friend when they're little.  I'm not their buddy or their pal.  They have their own buddies and pals.  They only have one mom.  I'm their mom.  I'm the voice of reason, their conscience while they are still growing one of their own.  I teach, I love, I live my life as an example.  I give unconditional love.  I remind them of where they come from and what is expected of them before they even know who they are.  I give them roots.  I show them faith and help them learn it for themselves.  Then when they are ready, I push them gently from the nest and let them fly.  Just a little at a time at first, but when its time and they are strong enough I step back and "Let God".  

I did this with Tara, my first child, my first daughter, and she's now a strong, beautiful young woman with a family of her own. You can read a story about my lovely girl right here at my post, There Are Those Who Think That Families Happen By Chance.  Along with her husband she is making her way in the world.  She still needs me.  We all need our moms sometimes but, now we are mother and daughter, and we are friends too.  Really good friends.  

And last night, I found out that my second daughter is flying away too.  She is grown up enough to stand on her own two feet.  She is about to graduate from University.  She stands strong in her values and her core beliefs and it has been a blessing every day watching her develop into the young lady she has become.  She's just beginning to fly and I look forward to being the wind beneath her wings for a while longer but, I found out last night that she is now grown up enough to be not only my daughter but also my friend.  My job leading her is done.  She has a life of her own and she is strong and brave and has wisdom beyond her years.  Holy cow!  All those times when she had those ipod buds in her ears while I was lecturing her, she was actually listening to me.  To all of you still raising little ones, see, there's hope yet!

Kate is my daughter of light. She knows who she is and what she stands for.  She's pretty fearless but, uses good judgement.  She radiates happiness and lives her life with joy.  She doesn't keep lists or worry unnecessarily or fret the small stuff, (unlike her mother).  She's not afraid of adventure and she's an eternal optimist and a loyal friend. I will always be her mommy, but I found out last night that I can also call her "friend".  

Kate is my baby girl with the golden curls (which she now tames into submission with a straightener).  Except when she beach bums it.  When she is surfing she lets it fly and dry free, and I love it that way.
Do you see the wisdom in those big brown eyes?  Even here, when she was only three years old.  Really, look deep into them.  It made her an easy kid.  She was a joy to raise up.  If you want to get to know Kate you can read a post I wrote about her called Simply Kate  And if you have a really, really, really, lot of time go check out 22 Things I Know About Kate.  If you only want to read about remodeling the cottage, you're gonna have to come back tomorrow or the next day to see the newest pics.  I'm busy bragging about, sharing my daughter with you here.  

These are my original 5.  I talk about them often but since I haven't yet been able to figure out how to put pictures on my sidebar,  I'm sure everyone gets them a bit mixed up in my stories and has no idea who I'm talking about.  So for those of you who want to know, here they are.  Left to right:  Dylan, Maggie, Tara, Cooper and Kate.  I'd use fake names to protect the innocent but, they're not all that innocent.

Last Christmas all the in-laws and outlaws, the husbands and grandkids were all occupied elsewhere.  So I got to go to Mommy Bliss.  I got to have all 5 of my kids, all to myself, for a whole night.  It's never happened before and it may never happen again.  Not that I don't wish for it to but, everybody is growing up.  Fast.  There aren't too many opportunities as you moms out there may know, to have them to yourself when they get older. They're all about their peers and getting lives of their own soon enough. "Waaa, waaa, waaa.  My nest is almost empty says the momma bird".  

When they are little, you wish for that one moment you can get all for yourself.  I used to sneak off and try to take a bath alone when suddenly, on the other side of the locked door, I'd see little fingers poking there way under.  Then the little voice, "Mommy, I NEEDS you."  Mommying is a grueling job.  It can suck the life right out of you It takes a tremendous amount of energy and dedication.  It is a 24 hour a day gig and It poops you out.  

People tell you all the time that your kids are going to grow up too fast.  They tell you to appreciate what you have while you have it because soon it will change.  It will change so much you may not recognize it.  I've said it on more than one occasion to anyone I could force to listen to me for any amount of time new mommies, and even to some of you out there! That's the great part of writing a blog.  It's kind of (kind of except when you click x and I'm gone), like having a captive audience.  But, what they say true.  It's oh, so, true.  Time flies...

For a fleeting moment last Christmas, when everybody else had somewhere else to be,  I had all of these goof balls to myself once again.  I loved every second of it.  They made me laugh 'till I cried.  They made me beam with pride from the inside out. 

Note to my hubby:  we done good baby.  We done good.

26 April 2010

I'm Coming Clean At Last

It's true.  I'm coming clean at last. I have been a bad, bad, blogger.  I have been remiss.  For almost two weeks now.   I do appreciate this awesome award I received but,  I haven't had the time to receive it publicly until now.  I have however, been savoring it.  I shall now redeem myself and be a good blogger.  I will pass the love on and a big thank you Margaret, Peggy or Peg too,  over at Straight Up - No Chaser.  I love the Honest Scrap Award!

Margaret, (I call her Margaret but I hear you can call her anything you want) is a dear, and her blog has great content too.  Ah, to be in a boat with hubby and the pup, sipping wine and relaxing on a lake.   Don't let her header fool ya.  She's one busy lady and has the blog to prove it!  One of my favorite posts of hers is MacGyver With A Tool belt.  Way to go picking a great husband Peg! This lady always makes me laugh with her wit whether she happens to be in a bad mood or a good one. Thanks for honoring me with this award!

So I hear the rules for this award go like this....I need to list 10 things about myself and then pass the award along to 10 friends. 

1.   I once spent a whole summer living in a pup tent in the Idaho wilderness on the Middle                  Fork of the Salmon River.

2.  I have been in a commercial for Forest Lawn Cemetery and made an ABC movie of the week.  

3.  I'm 55; I have 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

4.  My pets have included rabbits and chickens, dogs, cats, turtles, ducks and a monkey.

5.  I have a Granny in Ireland.

6.  When I send out my Christmas cards I say a prayer for each person or family before I drop the cards individually, one by one into the mailbox.  (I send out about 125 cards).

7.  I would walk through fire to save a kid.  Any kid, any time, anywhere.

8.  I went to school with Michael Jackson and two of his brothers.

9.  When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up and become a nun.  (I wasn't even Catholic at the time.)  That dream didn't work out for me (see #3).

10.  My husband is my best friend.

Well, now you know way more than you ever wanted to know about me!  It's all old news.  If you want to know the new you'll have to peek at my blog.

I've become a follower of some great, new, beachy blogs lately.  I'm going to pass this award on to them because their blogs help me to find inspiration for design and decoration in the cottage I'm remodeling.  Honestly, inspiration is what I need most these days as it's about all I have time for, being that our deadline for finishing up is the end of June! 

Daily Vitamin Sea (a costal lifestyle blog)


Dreamy Whites

Sally Lee By The Sea...

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A Dog's Beach

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The Mermaid's Mercantile

23 April 2010

Copper? Cooper?



The copper roof tiles which will patina to several shades of blues and greens and stand up to salt air forever.

Cooper and the lovely Dominique.

Copper,  the lovely new roof tiles soon to be installed on the cottage.

Cooper my goofball son whom I love more than life itself.

Copper which I have decided I love more than diamonds.  Yes... I do.



21 April 2010


At the moment, well actually for the past several weeks, the cottage has been getting its GUTS.  Electrical; ducting; plumbing; roofing (not the shingles just the papering-in.)  None of these things make for very attractive photos and surely are not a feast for the eyes.

Told ya.

Even putting in the lighting right now just means the overhead cam lighting, not the pretty sconces or chandeliers.  Yet!

Ugly duckling.

However, we now have the bones of our new staircase.  Let me just tell ya, this is awesome for us.  In our old cottage, originally built in the 1950's as a summer home, the staircase leading down to the bedrooms below was outside.  Yep, you heard me right.  Outide, as in, open the door from the family room, walk onto a landing and down a flight of stairs to another door, where you entered the bedrooms.

Watch yourself there pup.  That last step's a doozie!

When we first moved down here to the beach, our kids were a lot younger.  We were pretty skeptical about having them waaaay down there, sort of disconnected from the main house.  The two youngest kids got bedrooms upstairs and the two teens got the downstairs which, was kind of like having your own apartment.  What kid wouldn't love that, right?  Wrong.

My oldest son didn't like the idea of being so far from "home base" and we heard about it plenty. We made sure for safety, to put in a light which turned on automatically when they went downstairs.  We put in a security lock so they could lock themselves in and feel safe.  We worried.  Then one day I heard my son talking to a friend about why he wasn't fond of having to go outside to get to his room.  Lighting?  Safety and security?  Nope.  He was concerned because it was so far from his room to the kitchen where the ice cream was!  Needless to say, he got over it and he and his big sister soon figured out that having a bedroom detached from the house is every high school kids' dream.  And why wouldn't it be?  Duh.

You can see said stairs and a bit more of the deconstrucion before the reconstrucion right here.  Now that I look back at that, even though we're not where we thought we would be by now, WE'VE COME A LONG WAY BABY!

This was the new staircase a couple weeks ago before the plywood was on the treads.

Now, along with plywood on the treads, I proudly present my new indoor staircase.  Hold on carefully.  I'm going to take you on a walk down the new stairs and it may make you a little dizzy.

Oh, what a lovely landing.  And now we continue our walk down the rest of the stairs.

There ya go!  Soon a carpenter will come in to put beautiful cut and dried wood flooring on the treads, and a cottage railing with bannister.  I'm hoping that I will find my brain the time, as we continue to make progress at the cottage, to learn to Vimo so I can post some video for you.  I think the final tour would be lots more fun that way, don't you?

And now, because you've been so patient and because I went and got you all dizzy going down my new stairs, I'm going to give you another sunset picture.  I hope it takes you away to a beautiful place where you can calm your soul and find some rest when you start your day anew tomorrow.  Night, night.



12 April 2010

It's Tubby Time

Today I'm going to blog about Bath tubs of all things.  But, first I want to say a little something about my last post.  Last Friday the ladies at the new website WOW (Words Of Wisdom, let little ol me be their Blogger of Note. Yep, I got to be the BON.  For all of you bloggers out there who like to write just for the love of it,  link back to WOW and Sandy and Pam will tell you all about their site and how to contact them. Maybe you can be the Blogger of Note, too.

Sandy and Pam,  thanks so much for the opportunity to connect to so many great bloggers.  I had a blast on my BON day meeting new people, connecting, and even finding lots of new blogs to follow myself.   Also, thanks so much to all those who commented and all who stayed to follow.  I appreciate you too and will try not to disappoint.  There's a lot going on around here and you know I love to write about it.

I proceed.  Living at the beach wasn't always my dream.  Once a long, long, time ago my dream was to live out in the country, in the middle of nowhere, to raise kids and goats and chickens.  I wanted land to spread out on and grow gardens and pick oranges.  We got our act together and set out to find us some land.  Well, come to find out, land in California is some of the most expensive land in the country.  Not to fear, we plowed ahead, found a house on 5 acres of land and bought the cheapest house on the least expensive plot of land in the County of San Diego.  My husbands parents said many a time, "it's not too late to get out of this.  You can just walk away while you're still sane."  Being as we are not ordinarily sane, we lived our country dream and raised our kids out there where we, with our noisy brood, were the only ones breaking the peace!

When my kids were little and it was bath time which, was at least once a day because there's a lot of mud when you have a lot of land.  Especially when you are living in a travel trailer in the middle of 5 acres with 5 kids while you build your house.  We lived out in the country and there was an inordinate amount of mud amongst the orange groves.  I have kids who love mud.  Apparently kids are literally drawn to mud.  Especially boys.  I remember my youngest son, after I'd wrangled him and his brother and sisters into their Sunday best, escaping my grasp and rolling in the mud before I even got him in the car to go to church.  There was definitely more than one bath that day!

Around our house we call baths, 'tubby time,' and embarrassingly enough, we do to this day.  Such as when I say, " Okay guys, it's time to take a tubby, you have school tomorrow," ( My kids still at home are 15 and 16 years old for gosh sakes.)  Or I announce to my family, " I'm going to take a tubby, bug me during it and I'll come out and strangle you   if you disturb my me time, I won't be relaxed enough to be the excellent mommy you all know and love."

Well, we built our house and we raised those chickens and goats and dogs and kids and ate oranges until we about turned orange.  We took lots of baths to get all the mud off and then we switched it all up.  We had a whole new dream.  (Our dream caught afire by buying and selling and remodeling and buying and selling lots of houses),  so that our holdings would be sufficient enough to own real estate at the beach. Least there is anyone out there who doesn't know this but, beach property is even more expensive than country living.  So, we bought the cheapest cottage at the beach in the County of San Diego.  Of course we couldn't not remodel once again.  IT'S WHAT WE DO! Now that I look back at it, I see that I personally must love dirt because, even now that I live at the beach, I'm surrounded by it. But, finally, except for landscaping the yard, I think we're FINITO WITH DIRT! We've made a lot of progress and it's getting a lot more fun now. We've moved forward so much that, we may finally be finished enough with dirt we will have time to get back into the sand.

My youngest grandson Nicholas enjoying his time in the sand! It will soon be tubby time for Nicholas.  Sand is just a little courser than dirt it turns out.

Now that we live at the beach and the kids are on their own for tubby time, it's all about the me when it comes to tubby's.  We've had many snags, glitches and interruptions during our remodel.  Kind of a common saga if you ever decide to go that direction.  Just sayin'.  I don't want you coming back and saying I didn't warn you that it isn't all fun and games making your dreams come true.  But now is the time to figure out the details.  It's all about the details.

When you are building the cottage of your dreams you have to do it carefully, completely and consciously.  You spend all your weekends and most of your weeknights (after a long day at work) perusing through Lowes,  Home Depot and every other fixture, contractor, decorator, gardening, builder, home improvement store in San Diego. You spend countless hours searching for deals all over the whole wide world (the internet is a world wide web ya know).  Even when your eyes get crossed and you beg, cry, plead, lie down on the sidewalk and die ask your husband lovingly if you can take a break because you are so tired from looking at so many fixtures from light switch plate covers to porch lights to toilets that, you can't keep it straight anymore.  Then he takes you to look at tubs.  Because he knows that your favorite thing in the whole world it to take a tubby at the end of a long day.  He knows it will make you happy and relax your weary bones.  This in turn will make you want to make him happy for making you happy and around it goes in a beautiful way.

This is kind of, sort of, the tub I'm thinking about purchasing for the cottage.

Although it is very tempting and you can get the claw feet in any finish from plain white or colors, to different metals and finishes such as, gold, bronze or silver, this tub is a little too Victorian for my taste.

This though, this is the tub of my dreams.  Simple and deep, this tub has beautiful  clean lines.  The snozzel is right smack in the middle so the water stays warm all around and not just on one side. This is where I hope to do all my dreaming, soaking, and unwinding in the future. I will garner much inspiration whilst soaking in this tub.   I think I'll be a much better person for it too.

As my daughter has been known to respond when I announce I'm off to take my tubby, "Peace-out mommy."  Thanks baby girl.  I'm outta here.

Excuse me, I'll need a little privacy because I'm going to go sit in my old tubby and dream of my new tubby.

Which one would you choose?



08 April 2010

Oh WOW! I'm the BON!

Cead Mile Fa Failte!  100,000 Welcomes.  If I could just catch your attention for a second here, this picture ought to do it.  Is this not one of the most beautiful full moons you've ever seen?  I took this picture from the beach here by my cottage during our last full moon and I wanted to share it with you, just so you know that's one of the things I do over here at "Cottage By The Sea".  I post lots and lots of my own photography, and I especially try to throw in a beautiful sunset over the Pacific now and again.  My name is Tia and I live with my family in a little cottage, in a small beach town within the sprawling and varied metropolis which is San Diego, California.
Today my family, my friends, both real life and bloggy, is my special day.  On my sidebar (I know, I know.  I'm very computer savvy and technologically mature) NOT.  You will see the cute little icon of a typewriter.  That's a spiffy little button you can grab (by clicking on it) to direct you to a site where there are lots of blogs featured that are a little different from the rest.  The blogs featured here are blogs minus a lot of the promotions and advertisements and blinky lights and sound.  It's more about the down home, straight out content of the blog instead of all the advertising.  If you click on the typewriter icon (button)  or even easier, right HERE you can find WORDS OF WISDOM = WOW, and what they're all about.

Today, the WOW ladies, Pam and Sandy, have honored me by choosing me to be their Blogger of Note = BON !  When they emailed me about this and gave me an actual date they were going to feature my blog I went completely brain dead.  My body went into overdrive, meaning I got a migraine and couldn't eat for 2 days.  I was a nervous wreck thinking that this could mean somebody besides my mom or my sister might be reading my blog.  I could be JUDGED, tried and hung by a jury of my peers for boring them to death with this little blog of mine.  I'm insecure.  I've only been blogging for a few months.  I'm inexperienced. I'm just a babyblogger.  I can't even figure out how to make my own BUTTON for y'all to grab for gosh sakes!  I also could or couldn't be considered a bit dramatic, depending on who you ask.   All I know is Sandy and Pam reassured me I would live through this be fine.  They told me not to be nervous.  They said, just introduce yourself, link to a few of your favorite posts, link back to us and then sit back and enjoy the comment love when WOW members visit you!  So that's just what I'm gonna do.  If you likey I hope you'll follow along on this journey of mine and if you don't you probably won't have read this far anyway.  So, besides reading about how we started out this journey building  Castles In The Sand, you can read about all our other SHENANIGANS around the cottage as well.  I'm so happy to have you here.  My only request is that you take your shoes off because, I want you nice and comfy when you spend your time here at my "Cottage By The Sea".
The best way I can think of to introduce myself is to let you read the letter my son gave me on my birthday in February. He makes me sound way better than I am in real life, but that's why I loved this gift more than any I've ever received.  Can you believe a busy college kid took the time to think of and write down 55 reasons why he loves me so much!  The best part of me is my kids.

This is a photo of our cottage before we began the remodel

The best way I can think of to introduce myself is to let you read the letter my son gave me on my birthday in February. He makes me sound way better than I am in real life, but that's why I loved this gift more than any I've ever received.  Can you believe a busy college kid took the time to think of and write down 55 reasons why he loves me so much!  The best part of me is my kids.

The main thing I do with this here blog is, I write.  I love to write.  I have written in diary's and journals and letters and well, anything that would hold still long enough for me to write on it, for as long as I've known how to write.  I have written my thoughts and the history of my day to day life and family and their lives for over 35 years now.  When my husband gave me this crunchy little Apple of a  computer for my birthday a couple years ago, I was awed and astonished and terrified by it.  I had absolutely no idea how to work it.  I couldn't even figure out how to turn it on.  Really, you have to hold the key down for longer than it took for my insecurities to check in and overtake my ability to move forward.  Pa the tic.  I hear ya.

Being the optimistic guy he is, my hubs said, "Darling, they told me this computer is a great one for people just like you who love to write and do art.  They say it makes it so easy any dummy can do it." Mmmm K.

Okay, so I obviously write about the things I'm passionate about, like remodeling our cottage.  For instance on my post Serendipitous I wrote about my amazing and delightful discovery that this old beach cottage had hidden underneath newer vinyl flooring,  Real, red oak wood flooring, original to the house 56 years ago when it was first built!  If remodeling an old beach cottage interests you, we are still on that journey and you can go read about that adventure and all it has entailed so far by looking in my archives. Plus, from the looks of it we have a ways to go, including decorating, so if you put your shoes back on and leave, be ready to take 'em off again because, you may need to come back later.  Remodel posts  are scattered about, in, and amongst another of my passions which is first and foremost in my heart and that is my children.  My husband, my kids, my furry kids, my family.  I'm a SAHM (bloggy talk for, Stay At Home Mom), and I've never been prouder of that.  We always wanted a big family and we have a huge heart for kids.  We have been parents and advocates of some sort, (foster, bio, adoptive, grand, god, parents that is, for 34 years).  Yes, people, that means I am very o l d.  Older than dirt but, still kickin' and taking care of kids.

 Our youngest daughter Maggie is 15 and she's a sweet, quirky, kinda shy, teenager.  She is always up to something interesting down here at the beach such as wearing shiny black heels while she skateboards!

 Our oldest daughter Tara is now a mommy herself making me a Granny.  I'll be letting you in on a little secret about her in a future post.  Tara and her husband Jason have given us 5 grandchildren.  Did you know that they have a day just for grandparents?  Well, I'm here to tell you they do,  and you can see it  right here on my post about Why I Had Kids In The First Place.  And now, although I've obviously been more prolific than I thought I was in the writing department, (Shut up. No, No, you shut up.  Noooo, you shut up.) Before I shut up and leave you sweet people in peace,  I'm going to stick in two more posts for you to read if you are so inclined, you want to or you are a really irresponsible reader like I am.  I just, since I'm having my first and probably last moment here in the spotlight, wanted to point out that Some People Think That Families Happen By Chance.

Now my new friends, I want to thank you for visiting my blog today, by sharing with you a photo I took over at the cove.  God gives us one of these every single day at sunset.  They're all a bit different but nonetheless, SPECTACULAR.  I promise I'll post lots of these so do pop into my blog any time for a cuppa.  I love company!
Sunset at Fletcher's Cove
Peace in your heart dears.

You can put your shoes on and leave now if you want to.  Or you could stay and check out more stuff I blab about over on my side bar there to the right.  I'd love you forever if you would follow or subscribe in a reader.  Either way, I sure hope you'll come back because I loved having you.  When the cottage is all done getting remodeled we are going to have a big Ceili (that's an Irish party) to bless our new home and rock it for the first time!  You're all invited!

 Sandy and Pam, thanks so much for hosting me, it has truly been a privilege.  And if nobody scorns me or leaves derogatory comments, and if I don't look back at this and end up in a fetal position, eyes swollen shut from crying, I will love you forever.  I'm just kiddin'.  I love you more than all the sand at the beach.  Your site is awesome and I hope Bloggers of Blogs and Reader of Blogs come visit often and find there happily ever afters.



Take It Off For Tom's

Hey- ya friends!  Did you all know that today is One Day Without Shoes Day?  Well, now ya do.  It' was started by a guy you can meet on this site right here  ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES.  I wanted to bring your attention to it because, it's a cause that my kids and I support and we hope you will too. You will see there below, my very own TOMS on my very own feet.  I bought them because when you buy a pair of TOMS, they will give a pair to a child in the U.S. or somewhere else in the world, say Africa, where they actually are too poor to own a pair of shoes.  Today is a day they are asking everybody to go barefootin' in hopes it will bring awareness to the cause.

You can help just by going without your shoes even if it's only for a few minutes, while going about your normal day.  Just help spread the message.  It's that easy!

 Today, Thursday, 8th April 2010 - ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES...JOIN US

 Everyone knows I dislike shoes to the extreme.  But, when I have to wear them, say it's only 60 degrees down here at the beach and I'm freezing cold {grins to all you people who actually know what cold is}, these and my flip flops are my shoes of choice.  TOMS are cute, comfy and slipper like, and they come in every size, mens, women's, color, and plain or pattern imaginable.  I know what it's like to go barefoot but, I just pad around in my comfy house on my comfy floor or in nice warm sand down at the beach where I can sift it between my toes.  I have no idea what it would be like to be turned away from going to school because I don't have shoes.  Or to walk around in the freezing cold, or the burning heat without shoes. I can imagine however the heartache I would feel as a parent if I couldn't put a pair of shoes on my own kid.

I'm doing it, my kids are doing it.  Here is my daughter and her friend Wylie doing it.  Just ONE DAY.  Come on!  You can do it too. 

 Tell everybody why you're barefoot today and spread awareness of what it's like to go a day without shoes.  It'll make you feel good about yourself and again,  it's so easy.   Then tomorrow go out and buy yourself a pair, and TOMS will give another pair to someone who really needs them.

By the by, I have absolutely no affiliation with this company other than I love their shoes, and even more, I LOVE THIS CAUSE.  Plus it will make my son happy.  You're welcome Cooper!

P.S.  Come check out my blog tomorrow.  I get to be the Blogger of Note on the new support website WOW.  Please come share my SPECIAL DAY  with me!  There, I've said it.  I don't want to do it alone.  I need you!

Love you more than all the bare feet in all the world today.



04 April 2010

Just to let you all know, here in San Diego and at the cottage, we haven't fallen into the sea, even though we had a 7.2 earthquake here today!

Everything  was peaceful and calm for a beautiful Easter sunset.  Wishing you all a great beginning to Springtime!



P.S.  Love ya more than 7.2