15 June 2014

I Know That God Must Love Me

I know that God must love me because, he's given me my daughter Tara.  Happy birthday darlin' girl.

She has a light in her soul
She opens up her heart
She shows me where the sun is
She can always ease my pain.

I know that God must love me
He showed me with His grace
I knew just how completely
When I saw my angel's face.

And in that very important moment
When she came into my world
I knew that she was so much more
Than just my baby girl.

She's my closest friend
The reason I do my best.
She has a smile that an angel might envy.

Some of these photos's are a few years old but, I'm in Ireland and don't have all my files. 
My internet takes forever to load a photo. 
 I like to keep my kids suspended in time. 
I wish I could keep them strapped into their seat belts in my car forever. 
I never wanted them to grow up and leave me. 
Forgive me,  I'm a stinkin' mess.
I will  carry on now.

Tara grew up to be a beautiful young woman and married her best friend.

About twelve minutes after they were married they bought a puppy they called, Hank. (Sorry, no pictures of Hank.)   Just like her momma, (wink!) you could tell that she had that maternal feeling going on.   First she and Jason had four strapping, handsome, boisterous boys.

Then this little ray of sunshine graced our lives.  First baby girl after all the brothers.

 Then about every two years she does this.  Self explanatory.

When you make babies this beautiful, and you parent in a way that is admirable and full of grace, the world is every single day, made just a little lovelier.

And this is number seven, bringing us to four boys and three girls.  I know what you're thinking!  One more and we're even.  Okay, maybe that's just what I'm thinking.

This is our big, beautiful family whom I live for.  I'm off writing in Ireland on a painting and writing retreat, missing them with all my heart and soul.  Tara, this is for you - for your belated birthday because, you are the poem I dreamed of writing.  The masterpiece I longed to paint.  You are the shining star I reached for in my ever hopeful quest for life fulfilled.
You are my child and now with all things I am blessed.

Happy birthday sunshine.

Love you more than all the shamrocks in Ireland,