15 March 2013

It's Just A Short Road To Venice

It's Just A Short Road To Venice
California that is!
Do y'all remember my son Cooper?  You know, the one I brag about all the time and therefore have been told I should change the name of my Blog to, "Parental Bragging By The Sea?"  Yea, that very same one.  The one you read about here.  And, OKAY guys,  I'll let you hang around and play, "Where's Cooper" if you want to, but I'm not going to force you.  No, not me.  I would never do that.  Hold on, I'm trying but I just can't help it.  Here it comes, just one more Cooper post.
Birthday Love.  I couldn't help it.  I'm not that strong, and besides I was CEO of my family for so long, I know nothing more than to promote them, even if only in my own mind   every chance I get!

The picture above is of Cooper and his sweet four legged best friend, Ryder Pearl.  When Coop first went away to LMU up in Los Angeles for college,  my nephew hooked him up with a friend of his who needed a doggy sitter.  Just so happens that Cooper needed a job and a beautiful friendship was born.  Ryder's mom, we'll call her "C" for privacy's sake, is a professional makeup artist in Los Angeles, New York and all over the world actually.  She does work for Victoria's Secret, Marie Claire, lots of other magazines and important occasions.  She does the Oscar's and the Grammy's and most important of all, she did my niece Shanni's wedding, te he!  She's amazingly good at what she does, and is coming out with a new line of natural makeup to boot!  You can check it all out at, Beautycounter.com to learn more about her company and to purchase products. Unabashed plug!  I can't wait to try them myself!

I regress.  Ryder and his mom live in Venice, CA which is just a short road from my son Cooper's University.  Over the past four years (he graduates in May),  And YES, you lucky ducks, you will be force fed another post about my amazing sons' graduation, complete with pictures,  he has been Ryder-and House sitting in Venice whenever C. needs him.  I think he would puppy sit her for free at this point because if anyone loves Ryder Pearl as much as his momma,  it's my Cooper.

Venice, California is a beach town in Southern California USA.  It's near Hollywood where I was born and grew up.  Yea Hollywood, you were a fun ride.  I don't miss you a bit.   (No offense.)

It's even closer to Santa Monica, etc.   Ah heck - it's on the West Side of L.A.   Anyway, it's in Los Angeles county and not far from where my Boyo goes to school.  Venice is one of the funkiest towns in the USA.  Only The Mission District in San Francisco and New Orleans out funk Venice.

You've got to agree, there is some real funkity funk going on right here?

Venice was founded by tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney in 1905 as a beach resort town.  It went on to see several rise and falls but now thrives for its infamous beach walk, where they put the f in funk.  (I'm typing very slowly and carefully so don't get worried about these words that start with f and have 4 letters. )

I don't exactly keep track of these things, but I think this is legal in Venice.  Now don't go running off to buy a plane ticket or anything.  At least not without a prescription from your doctor.

Today Venice is one of the most vibrant and eclectic areas in Los Angeles.  Abbot Kinney Boulevard is one of the main attractions of the area, with retail stores selling original arts and crafts, awesome gastronomic eateries, the new craze of food trucks, bars and, well, just all- around coolness.  Coolness is a word that I insist is legal in Scrabble, so don't judge,  just take my word for it.  Better yet, take a trip on over to Venice and see for yourself!

"Lemonade" is a favorite restaurant of mine.  I have a pet peeve about posting plates of food, but no such problem with posting drinks.  So here ya are and if you're ever in Venice, make sure to have lunch at "Lemonade" while you're there!

I could go on and tell you about The Pier and Muscle Beach. Venice has 2 1/2 miles of pedestrian-only promenade.  The bike trails and basketball courts that are renowned across he country for heir numerous NBA players who developed heir games or have been recruited from the court. But what I really want to share with you is my favorite part of Venice.

The canals.  The canals are a quaint upscale neighborhood in Venice.  Fully restored and remodeled homes make it a postcard scene originally a copy of Venice, Italy.  There are 16 miles of them originally dug in 1904, again under the direction of Abbot Kinney.  I personally, and we all know how much my vote counts have rated The Canals of Venice, best place to walk your dog in the USA.  Maybe the world!  Oh my heck, it was the birthplace of The Doors!  Van Morrison actually lived on the canals.  You can imagine the vibe there.

Some of the most beautiful homes on Los Angeles West Side line the canals.  There resides a very unique community atmosphere and a sense of serenity which I love and that brings me back again and again.  The best thing of all - Venice and the canals especially are dog friendly.  That's makes it number one in my book!

This little Ham of a dog doesn't look too friendly, but at least he's behind his gate, and I'm not.

 You know what they say about people who live in glass houses?  I just know I wanna be one of them.

 Wouldn't you love to have your own dock and a little boat to sail around your 'hood' in?

 Over the bridge and down to the beach, to grandmother's house we go.  (I wish.)

 I like to imagine this is my house, a few of my besties have dropped by in their boats and are inside with me having a grand old time and we're laughing our heads off.  There may or may not be wine involved.

The water is so clean and clear you can see the pebbles down at the bottom.  I do so love that they matched their boat to their gate.  Very satisfying.

 I'm scared to death of taking our paddle board or canoe out on the ocean.  Although my husband and kids think it's an E-ticket, I think it's a bit like what riding in the spin cycle of your washing machine would feel like.  But, these canals are right up my alley.  Calm, peaceful, and serene.  I like to imagine taking my dogs for a walk ride-about in one of these boats.

Some of the homes are large and upscale, filling up the entire lot with big ol modern houses.  I kinda like the ones that look like they've been there forever and I try to imagine all the life that's been lived there and by whom.  This one looks like an artist with a love of bold, dramatic color lives here.  Perhaps it could be...  Me?  Nope, not me but a girl can dream.

Would I?  Could I?  Should I dare?



My kid graduates 11th May.  I'll be there, and then we'll all go to the Venice Canals for Mother's Day.  I'm bringing my dogs!

Henry James said of Southern California, "It is Italy awaiting its HISTORY.

Meantime, from my little cottage to you, wherever you may be,
love you more than all the fun we can have on the Venice Canals.