07 September 2011


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06 September 2011

A Gentle Way Of Life

Labor Day 2011.  It's the last day official "fun" day of summer.  Or so  I'm told.  I flately refuse to believe that because I'm a, summer never ends kind of gal, which is why I live in Southern California in the first place. 12 months a year you can't pry the flip flops off my feet.

Yesterday, tourists were still in town, lined up on the coastal highway in RV's, waiting in que at the restaurants, basking on the beaches, enjoying their last hurrah before hiballing it back to school, every day responsibilities, and Autumn in their own parts of the country. 

Wednesday the Del Mar Races will officially be over, so what reason to stay any longer?  Shhhhhhhhh.  I'll let you in a bitty seceret.  Now is the beginning of good times in our little beach town.  Now, there are no waits at restaurants.  Now, when it's a sunny, 75-degree day on the coast, it's unexpected elsewhere and nobody else knows, so you may end up having the entire beach to yourself! The streets are fluid, no crowds, no waits, no crankieness.  Our gentle way of life has returned.  There is a special beauty to the seasons other than summer at the beach.  Yesterday for instance, we had a rare rainy day.  Just a drizzle actually but refreshing and it made for one of the most miraculous sunsets I've ever seen.  
Can you believe that!  Ochre skies on crimson water.
It doesn't get any more resplendent than this.  Labor Day sky over the grand Pacific Ocean.
We had (I like to believe), brilliant conversation, cocktails, orduveres and lots of laughs with out neighbors while watching the sunset.
We spent part of our time outside on the patio, but the drizzle brought us inside for a while too.  Still, we didn't miss a minute as we waited for the green flash. And there it is...

So if you really want to enjoy the beach, schedule a visit during Fall, Winter or Springtime.  It's especially gorgeous here then, and you won't have to deal with the crowds.  I'll have a parking spot for ya right out front.  But, shhhhh, don't tell 'em I sent you.

Tell me about your part of the country?  What do you love about Fall there?  I don't think I've ever traveled anywhere that Fall wasn't my favorite season!

Love you more than all the dazzeling sunsets we'll share from now until next summer.  If you lean right and drag your cursor up a bit you'll find my "Follow" button. Sign up there and you'll be able to see all kinds of sunsets when you return here because, I like to share.

End of Summer Blessings,