The Clan

My hubby Scott and me


Maggie, Cooper, Kate, Dylan and Tara

The Original Five and Their Spouses
*Jason, Tara, Dylan, (my hubby) *Justin, Kate, (me) Cooper,  

This is my number 1, my first baby girl
She's pregnant here with baby #7
(I told you I was old as dirt!)
Anyway, like her mama, Tara has birthed and adopted kids.  You can read about that right here!

 My eldest daughter Tara with her hubby Jason

Tara, Jason and 6 of their kids.  See their newest addition
right here!  Lucky number 7.

Introducing our daughter Kate and her new husband Justin

And this is our first son Cooper; #3 in line for the throne :)

 Dylan is our second son and now serving all of us in the U.S. Military
(Thanks for your service buddy)
You can read more about that right here!  and right here!

Maggie Colleen is our baby girl.  She keeps us on our toes.
Get some dish on this goofy girl right here!

Our baby is soon to marry her fiancé, Ian :) 
Empty Nest

Except for these two

Kieran and Bailey 
Go ahead…I'll wait…ahhhhhh

 I write about the shenanigans of these pups as much as I write about my human kids

Beach loving pups!

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