22 July 2011

Tim Tebow GB2 YOU ROCK!

A lot of kids look up to football players.  What's awesome is when they find one to look up to not only because of their talent and dedication to the game, but because they use their platform to serve others, thereby making things like serving others cool.  One of those players is Tim Tebow, star quarterback for the Denver Bronco's. Tim, as I like to call him, since Mr. Tebow seems a bit formal for a Grandma to call a 23 year old no matter how awesome he is; ROCKS.  For one thing, he started a foundation which serves orphanages around the world.  It's called, Dreams Come True.org and You can visit it here.  His official website is just one big playground of the goodness he offers, and not only should you go visit it and play around, you should take your kids too!  Just click here and zoom - away you go.  There are lots of reasons to look up to Tim but the main reason that I do is that Tim made my grandson's day.  Make my grandson's day and you make my day.  So thanks Timmy, boyo.  Okay, I realize I can call him Tim but, I may have gone to far with Timmy boyo.  Too much? What do y'all think?

Former University of Florida Heisman Trophy winner turned Denver Broncos quarterback, NFL star, Tim Tebow made my grandson Ty's wish come true. Who knew that the Denver Broncos would ever have a special place in my heart? I don't know a football from a golf ball.  Well, that may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but only a tad.  However, as I may have mentioned, when you make my loved ones happy, you make me happy, so now you might say Tim's kind of a hero of mine too.

Are y'all in for a joyous story that will give you hope that all things are possible, at least in the mind of a little boy who loves football?  All in?  Here we go.

My grandson Ty wrote the following letter to his all time favorite NFL football player last Fall.  Ty has been devoted to the Florida Gators since he was 2 years old.  He has followed his favorite football player, Tim Tebo's progress as he went from a college athlete to the pros.  Ty is my first grandson. His dad is a football coach and their family lives, eats, drinks and breathes football takes football very seriously.
Emphasis on, Football is Serious.

A couple of other things Ty has in common with his favorite football player is that they share some common values.  One of them is that Ty and his family practice and love their faith with all their hearts.  So does Tim.  Remember the 1st photo in this post?  Tim sports John 3:16 right on his face during football games.  There is an awesome quality to a guy who wears his faith on his face isn't afraid to show his faithfulness in the Lord to the whole world!

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Moving right along now, the following is the letter which my man Ty here wrote to his hero, Mr. Tebow, or as I like to refer to him - Tim, Timmy, Boyo.

Dear Mr. Tim Tebow,

   I am writing this letter on behalf of the Patterson family.  We
are home-schooled just like you were!  We have a family of six children.
My name is Ty (12) and I have played football for four years.  I play
running back and line backer for my team.  I went to the California All-
Star football combine. I placed 3rd in the strength session and 5th in
the quickness session.  I am working to improve my 40 yard dash.  My brother Cael (9) has played football for 2 years; he plays wide receiver, running back, corner back and backup quarterback.  My
brother Dayne (7) will be playing football next year, he hopes to play
running back and safety.  My brother Nick (4) is the boss of the house.
He is big, funny, and we all think he will be playing on the Defensive
line.  My sister Emma (2) is the Princess of the house.  She enjoys
movies, Princesses, and cooking.  My newborn sister Abigail (4 months)
is very cute.  She can giggle, smile, and she loves to watch people enjoy
food.  My Mom, Tara is a great cook; she makes a delicious chocolate
cake.  I describe her as pretty, nice, and beautiful.  My Dad, Jason is
the Defensive Coordinator and Athletic Director of Orange Glen High
   We love your attitude, the way you stand up for your faith, and
your work ethic.  We also love the show "Tim Tebow:  Everything in
Between."  If it isn't too much trouble, we would love you to autograph
a photo for us or autograph the one in this envelope.

                                    The Pattterson Family

Ty is pretty prolific, is he not?  (I like to think he takes after his Grammy).

We held our collective breath waited and waited to see if Tim would reply to Ty's letter.  It took a while but, homeboy came through!

 Tim Tebow - You ROCK man!

Ty was recently deemed ready for his own email address just for writing to family.  I was his first email buddy and we had quite a lovely correspondence going on until his parents let him expand his list to friends.  I have to share him now, (not that I'm bitter or anything).  Here was his last letter to us:

What's up everyone,
Guess what!?!  I received a letter from Tim Tebow in the mail.  In case you don't know him, he is currently the quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  His autograph was on it also.  My brothers and I were so excited.  In case one of you may want an autograph from an athlete or someone, all you do is find there mail address on the Internet, and send them a letter stating you want there autograph.  They will most likely send back, but, it takes a few months or so.  Please send me an email in reply on your thoughts about this.  Thank you.  
I told ya this was a joyous story.

I hear that Tim's favorite quote is this one by Tim Notke:
 "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

This is Ty's favorite saying.  I put it above the closet in his room for him so he can see it from his bunk every morning when he wakes up.  PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY! And so he does.

So, thanks Mr. Tebow for making my grandson's wish come true.  He and his brothers are some of your biggest fans and you sure did make them happy.  

You make me pretty happy too, mmK?
(Swing speed clocked in at 141 mph.)

Blessings to all of you from your long lost blogger friend, Tia

Love you more than all the forearms football players in the NFL.

I've included a link to this post over at   CONVERSION DIARY.
She writes one of the most intelligent blogs around.

04 July 2011

Blessings on the 4th of July

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty." - John F. Kennedy

Carved onto the sides of the Washington monument are several prayers written to our first president.  Close to the top is the prayer offered by the City of Baltimore.  The prayer is in the form of a blessing:

"May heaven to this union continue its beneficence.
May brotherly affection with union be perpetual.
May the free constitution which is the work of our ancestors
be sacredly maintained and its administration be stamped with wisdom and virtue.

 From our Cottage By The Sea, right back at ya, God bless you!

 And God Bless America.

"Laus Deo"  (Praise the Lord.)