30 September 2009

Black Heels, Skate Boards, and Goofy Girl

Andy McDonald made up a skate trick, Nollie Heelflip Vanal Body Varial Slob Air.
But he called it a Salad Shooter.

Tony Hawk did the first Fakie Grabbing Mute.
But he just called it a 720.

On a skateboard, one stance over another is called footedness.

My daughter's stance is right foot forward, so she's goofy footed.

Besides all the high heels she's worn that belonged to her sisters,these were her very first, her very own, high heels. We bought them for her to wear to a dance at school.  As you can see, they are black and very shiny.  The toes are pointy.
She looks fabulous in them!  The sales clerk at the store where we bought them told her that she should "wear them in" before she "wore them out".

So when I went outside to call her to dinner, this is what I saw.  She's a very practical girl.  She's very literal too.

This goofy footed girl was "wearing in" her new, black, shiny, pointy, high heels
before she "wore them out".  She was multitasking. Making the most of her time.
 I told you she was practical.
And lilteral.  So we like to call this move, Black Shiny Pointy Goofy Girl!

Andy - Tony - You got nothin' on us!



26 September 2009


Wait.  Whose foot is that?  Whoa, who cares whose foot that is, what's that I see under that foot?

I'm not sure but, let me get my bifocals on.  Someone.  Anyone.  Help me out here!

Let me get my hanky and just — wipe, spit, wipe.
Yes, yes I do believe that is actual, real, red oak.  Original to the cottage.  56 year old wood.  Well, 56 years since it was custom cut, and laid piece by piece over post and pier.

And then someone unknown to me but, someone I now love dearly for this.  

Got on their hands and knees and sanded, stained and varnished that oak until it shone in all its hand hewn, wooden glory.  Mellow and beautiful.  Look at the grain.  Look at the color.  Beautiful. So beautiful.  I may cry.  Yes, I am going to cry.  Hang on just a minute.  It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.  You'd cry to if it happened to you!  They're HAPPY tears.

And that is just

Serendipitous (as in "serendipitous") adj.: being lucky in finding things you were not looking for.

I just love serendipity, don't you?



This is the epitome of DIRTY

24 September 2009

R I P - I'm Missing You

This is an amazingly beautiful Bird of Paradise.  Don't you think so?
I have loved it, and watched it grow since we moved in to the cottage several years ago.
It was just a baby then but, I watered and fed it and gave it daily compliments
and praise so as to boost its self esteem.

Year after year these two buds would start out together, just little pods,
hiding in the leaves, playing in the dirt.
They always stayed beside each other and gave each other the support of friendship,
as they grew bigger and stronger.

It seemed like they always waited, one patiently for the other.
Then one day the slower one would catch up with the more mature one,
and they would bloom together in all their magnificance and grandure.  I
especially,  found it poignet and romantic.  But, that's just the way I am.
Poignet and romantic.

Hi guys.  You've all come out to play!  Until....
One day -

A bunch of huns, hoodlems, monsters, you could say they were
barbarians really, came to dismantel the little cottage where those beauties lived.
They showed no mercy.  They disregarded everyone's feelings as they
ravaged and pilaged and plunged.  They had axes and crowbars and jackhammers.
They destroyed the very foundation of life as it was known by the people
and most especially the plants, that lived there.  The people were old.  They had seen beauty
before.  They had seen beauty destroyed and built back up before.  They knew the hope
of being able to rise again.  But, the Bird of Paradise.  They were barely more than
Adolescents.  All they had ever known was beauty and freedom.

(Can you tell that I helped my daughter with her AP history paper last night?
It was on the fall of the Roman Empire.)

Rest In Peace my beauties.

I like to think they are blooming now, even as we speak.  In a better place.
And in the meantime, the sun will rise and set again at our little cottage at the beach.
We will build and we will plant and we will rise again.  We will be thankful for
the little things and the big things that continue to give us hope.  Like the fact that,
every day when the sun rises we have an opportunity to start all over again.



23 September 2009

Castles In The Sand (The Remodel)

Well, finally, here it is.  Posts of the remodel of our little cottage.
I want to share with you, a few pictures, and the latest news on the remodel of our little cottage with big dreams.

It started in the back yard when several big, burly, men came and decended on the cottage.
They tore out the deck with pic axes.
I won't bore you with all the hundreds of pix I've taken, suffice it to say, it was violent  effective!
We still hadn't moved out at the time, so we got a lot of dirt up our noses.  My ears are still ringing
with the sound of jack-hammers.

You won't see sights like this in my yard for a while.

Remember my family room?  I do, but sans windows, this view to the East is even clearer now, don't you think?

This is Cooper's room.  Brother, are you in there?  It's so sad.  They continue to look for him
5 weeks after he's left for college.

No more sink dishes!

Watch yourself there pup.  That last step's a doozie!

Well, as you can see, it's a grand adventure.  We have moved temporarily,  a couple of blocks away for now so, we don't get as much dirt up our noses anymore. I will continue to take pictures every day,
and blog a bit so you can see the cottage turn in to our dream for it.  Hope you vicariously
enjoyed.  I'll be back soon.  Love you more than all the wood we had them haul away to
reclaim and reuse so somebody else could have a new house.

This is my new motto.  This kind of says it all for now.