09 October 2009


 Remember when I told ya'll about this guy?  I don't know why I just said ya'll.  I'm not even from the South.  Unless you count Southern Cali.  So, how's about "bloke".  Yes, that will do.

This bloke, Andy.

Whilst doing the remodel of our Cottage By The Sea, Andy is our # 1; our right hand man.  He oversees our project, our cottage and our cat.  That's a fat cat.  Andy's a good cat sitter. Andy went on vacation today.  I don't  know what I'm going to do with my left overs tonight.

These are some things I know (about Andy) for sure.

1.  I met him about 2 years ago when he and his brother came to visit my daughter during a college break.  I know this because, he wrote his Spanish final on my computer and I still can't get that thing off of there.  Mi llamo Andy.

2.  He and his brother said, "give us a call when you start your remodel".  He now knows we took that literally.

3.  He is a college graduate.

4.  He loves his parents.

5.  He adores his little brother who is also his best friend.

6.  He is a great storyteller.

7.  He has the gift of Blarney.

8.  He has an infectious laugh and a great smile.

9.  He is smart.

10.  He has an excellent work ethic.

11.  Here at the Cottage, he gets really, really, dirty when he works.

Who me?

Yeah you.  You over there with the big grin.

12.  He is capable of living in a tent in the wilderness.  Or a remodel at the beach.

Which is a lot harsher.  As you can see right here.  Have you seen the movie, "Into The Wild?"

"I now walk into the wild."

or in this case

"I now walk into the cottage, with no floors, or walls, or insulation.  No ceilings or railings or privacy.  And sometimes no stinkin' electricity!


Scott M.
Lori M.
Mr. Fix It
Studio One Architects
Various and Sundry Subcontractors

and Newcomer

Andy P.

13.  Andy is a faithful child of God and he is knowledgeable about his religion.

14.  He has horrible taste in movies, i.e.. "Hurt Locker" and Sector 9!  Yikes.  And, I'm sorry about that Trish -  because it's gonna be a long long trip to Dallas.

15.  He absolutely loves it when you feed him, and unlike my own children this guy loves leftovers!

16.  He has dreams.  Big dreams that involve fresh, pure, organic, food.  And restaurants.  And business stuff like that.  He needs investors to make his dreams happen.  So if you have any money that you want to invest, he's your guy.

17.  He loves guy stuff like four wheeling and shooting guns.  Yikes, again.

18.  He has parents of his own and they've done a great job raising this kid into a man.  They have good reason to be proud of him.

19.  He likes dogs better than cats.

20.  He likes kids, even (gasp) mine teenagers.

21.  His birthday is the 4th of December.  You may feel free to send cards.  And money.

22.  I just love this kid.  And even though he has parents of his own, and I don't think they are willing to give up their parental rights.  But, I've said it once, and I'll say it again, "I'm keeping him!"
P.S.  Have an awesome time playing Rugby in Dallas Andy.  Don't break anything.  Say hey to your family for me when you're in Arizona.  And Andy, come home soon.  Your supper's waiting.

Blessings to everyone!


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