05 October 2009


I'd like to introduce you to Luigi.  He's a big ol bull.  He started out as a city bull.  For all we know.  That's where we found him.  However, let me just say that found is a term that is relative in this case.  My brother "found" this bull while he was still in high school, very late at night, on the top of a restaurant called (appropriately) Luigi's.  There may have been alcohol involved.  Just saying'.

Is he not adorable?  He's just precious.  Why, he is practically edible!  Just kidding Luigi.
It was a bad joke.  No seriously, he hates it when I joke about him being edible.

But really.  Tell me you don't see a sizzling platter of steak dinner when you look at this.  Maybe with a pat of butter melting right on top.


This is a picture of Luigi attending many of the parties we had in our backyard.  Notice he looks fearless.  Not a drop of nervousness in that face.  That's because we were eating cake at this point, so he had nothing to be nervous about, nothing to fear.

But I digress.  Luigi's story started many, many moons ago.  I won't mention how many moons ago because it's not my place to tell you how long ago my brother was in high school.  That would be just like telling you that my brother is 50 for goodness sakes.  It would just be inappropriate to mention that it was like, 32 years ago.
And we don't even know how old Luigi was when he was skirted off  (skirted off?)  in the middle of the night.  He could be like, 102 by now.  All I know is he still acts like a calf half his age.

This bull is a bruiser.  A bruiser of a bovine.  He's a Taurus in case you were interested.  He never takes any BS either.  But he is never, ever, a bully!

You may be wondering at this point, how Luigi came to be living with me, in my backyard,  in a cottage at the beach.  You were wondering were't you?  Whatever.  I'm going to tell you the story anyway.  Because, well, to tell you the truth I just have to get this off my chest.  Guilt is eating away at me and I just want closure people!

You know how it is guys.  You get married, and then maybe, just maybe, your new wife doesn't have an affinity for your taste in art.  Just for example,  that painting on velvet of dogs playing poker? The one that glows in the dark.  She loves you guys, she does.  But she just doesn't have the fortitude to appreciate your collection of empty bottles of KeyStone Light.  Personally, I can't imagine that.  But, I know it happens because that is the way it all went down for Luigi.

This guy has seen it all.  He's lived under the city lights.  He's resided on a gentleman's farm and he once lived down the street from the world famous, "Wild Animal Park"in the county of San Diego, California.
He has lived through flood, fire and a small mold problem.  He was once kidnapped by someone in his own (extended) family.  Which is not the worst way to get kidnapped really.  At least you are with kin.

We have had the great privilege of living with Luigi for the past 25 years.  He's been more like my own kid than a bull really.  But now -  now he is just another casualty of remodeling.  I know for him it must feel like the whole nightmare of his childhood happening all over again.  On a side note, I really think he was a teenager when this first started happening. After all, he already had a job looking over  over -looking an Italian restaurant.

Lest you judge me, I want you to know that, I put a lot of consideration into my decision to let Luigi go.  I don't want you running off all willy nilly, thinking I'd just let Luigi live any old place with any old people.  By that I don't mean people that are old.  I mean... Oh never mind.  This decision was not taken lightly.  I was only thinking of what would be best for Luigi.  It's damp at the beach and his old bones just can't take damp.  He had no space to roam down here and besides he doesn't even surf.  In a word, he just needed greener pastures.

If I hadn't taken matters into my own hands, anything could have happened to Luigi



Or Heaven Help Us - THIS!  (Stop smiling little girl.  It's not funny).

But because Luigi is my favorite bull, of all the bulls, in all the world -

Not just in the U S of A either.  I'm talking the entire world!

The home I found for him was with this family here.  Remember them?  They are my favorite family and I checked them out good.  Heck!  I had the department of Social Services check this family out. And they passed.  They passed with flying colors!

So when Luigi could no longer live with me.  Sniff.  I bid him farewell and he went to live with those good people.  He's out in the country again.  He's safe, and dry.  He is with people who love him.  He's with kin.

 And he has a view.

So long you old bull.  It was an honor.

And I'm gonna miss you every day...

Just to end on a happy note, I had visitation with Luigi today.  He's doing fine.  He's thriving actually.  And he said to tell you that he loves his new home.  Doesn't closure feel great?

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