07 October 2009


Half of this blog was accidentally deleted and is now in edit for emergency surgery.  Please check back at a later date. Thanks.

OCTOBER is Adopt- a- Dog month! It's my favorite month.  It's the month you won't see much of me because my husband locks me up so I won't go adopt another dog or a cat, a goat or a chicken either.  There are a lot bunnies that need to be adopted too you know.  If you happen to live around San Diego, you can adopt any of those things, or even a horse at the "Helen Woodward Animal Center"in Rancho Santa Fe, California.  Now that's a thought (she says with a sly grin on her face). 

 Now that you mention it, I haven't owned a horse in a long time. Last time I owned a horse I was a kid.  Horses are just like dogs but, way bigger.  They have beautiful, long, eyelashes and big hearts. Hmmm.  I just checked my door and it's locked from the outside.  Someone call the cops!  It's Adopt a Dog month and I'm locked in!

You can give a pup a loving home in honor of the American Humane Association's Adopt-a-Dog Month.  Studies show owning a canine can lower stress, boost mood, and help you meet new people.  You've heard the saying that a dog is a chick magnet.  It's true.  I've seen this phenomena myself at  Dog Beach. 

  "Come on Coops, take me to Dog Beach.  I'll carry my own leash.  Wait, it's October and October is after September which means it's after Labor Day.  I don't even have to be on a leash for gosh sakes so,
Lets Go!  Lets go now."

"Aww.  Thanks dad.  Thanks for taking me to the beach."  Wait a dog-gone minute.  This is the guy who locked me in the house so I can't run around willy nilly adopting dogs this month.  And this guy, he can't be a chick magnet.  He's mine!

And this one's mine.  Her name is Bailey Scott.  I always give my dogs middle names.  It helps distinguish them from all the other dogs that may have the same first name.  

(The rest of this blog is back in edit trying to get recovered).  Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I love it!!! I love furbabies! And yes, my husband also has to keep me reeled in or we'd have 100 pets by now. As a kid I was always coming home with strays. My poor parents!

And yes, we give our pets full names too!