18 October 2009

And On The 7th Day He Rested

And On The 7th Day He Rested

This is what it looked like at my house today.

Everybody was just too pooped to pop.

Sunday Football was on.  Did you know that Sunday Football is also on, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday?

This is the king of the remote.  Well, it's the hand of the king of the remote.  No one, and I mean NO ONE else is allowed to touch the remote.  Even when the king is sound asleep.  Snoring. Seemingly unconscious.  You can run around, bang pots and pans, scream, cry, yell obscenities (not that I do any of those things), but he will not wake up.  Unless, unless you try to take the remote.  Then, he gives you the souviernly stink eye and tightens his grip on the remote.  Alas, even the Queen is not allowed to touch the remote.

That's when you snuggle down deeper in your chair and look over on the other wall, at this.  Then you sigh in contentment and feel the deep, comfy, satisfaction of resting on a fall day, after a hectic work week, and you count all your blessings.  And that my friends is how you make your marriage last for 25 years.  Or more.  Hopefully more.  

So what are you all doing on this fine, fall, Sunday?

Wishing you many, many, blessings in the new week,


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